Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cast & Crew

    So, I thought I'd do this for those that are just tuning in and for the advent readers who might sometimes be a little lost with the name codes. please keep in mind there are random people that i speak about that get just an initial for them and they probly wont be in this list...

Our Little Family
*Jester/Blaez/Jen/Jenny (Aphrodite prior to 6/2006): ME! (Lots of Thinking Today - Have a Seat While I Tell You a Story)
*Maverick/Joe (aka Taranis/Cornwall/Corny): the one who makes me smile, my protector, the thunder in my heart, and former fellow Sneezaholic (One Year... - How He Got His Name - The One In Which He Asks Me To Be His Wife)
*Drake (aka Drakkus de Elder Thyme): Our feline baby Boy, he's a Siamese. My familiar & love of my life
*Kai: our feline daughter (She's a tortoise shell Kitteh) 
*Savage: Siamese Fighting fish aka Beta Fish that Taranis got me for my birthday 2011; he's gold & blue
*Reflection of Illusion: MY band bAbY! (woot-woot) --is on hold at the moment...damn economy!

Family (Family Frustrations)
*Daddy: The Man who raised me and did the best he could for us (Hardest Thing I've Ever Done - I Have The Best Daddy In The World!)
*Raquel: Baby sister from Daddy's 2nd marriage (Graduation Pics)
*Hunter: Raquel's husband
*Pebbles/Feather : MomI's youngest daughter, my youngest sibling
*Neopolitan: Pebbles' husband --you'd have to know the inside joke with momI & him to understand that alias...
*MomI (aka mom or mother): Daddy's wife and only true mother i've ever had.
*ArmyBro: MomI's son who's in the Army and currently deployed overseas
*BioM: the woman who gave birth to me -we have a strained relationship... (I Would Say Happy Mother's Day... - Biological Mother - Feels Like A Miracle)
*UncleD: BioM's brother who's military
*FaveAunt: one of BioM's sister. we talk on a day to day basis. Her eldest son was my "best cousin"...well, still is my bestcousin! he's my FAVECOUSIN!
*FaveCuz: FaveAunt's eldest son...
*Swift: one of MomI's sons, oldest Bro. He's been a Missionary and a Trucker
*Gramma: MomI's mom
*SisA: MomI's step-daughter in Indiana
*BroB: MomI's step-son in Indiana
*AuntP: MomI's sister-in-law
*UncleJ: AuntP's Hubby
*AuntDB: one of MomI's sisters
*CousinT: military, BioM's nephew
*Tani, Rosalia & Gracia: Swift's daughters
*GrandpaP/GrandpaB & GrandmaP/GrandmaB:: BioM's dad and the only Grandfather I've known. (Sometimes just Grandpa) & BioM's Stepmom. (Dinner With Grandparents)
*GrandmaJ: BioM's mom
*FMIL: Future Mother-in-Law -Taranis' mom
*AuntM: BioM's youngest sister... she's the one that was shot in the head at her wedding...
*AuntB: one of BioM's sisters... (there's like a million of em!!)

Once Masters, Now Memories
*Lo-Jack (aka Jack Daniels): Our 2nd Son is a black and silver male Hamster, he's a loaner. We rescued him from an unwanted home. (RIP 2/2011)
*Nilla (aka Vanilla Butterscotch Rum): Our wittle girl!! She's a Hamster and my 1 yr anniversary present -RIP 3/2010
*Mysterie (aka Mysterious Devyne): My Baby Girl, she passed away 10/2006, she was a Hymalayan
*Spike de Vampyre: My first familair, my one true love. He died of Lukemia Feb 2001
*Winston: a stray we took in and made a son. He died shortly after because of a hole in his lung that wouldn't heal in the spring of 2000.
*Maige Intuition: a stray we took in and loved. Developed the onsets of Lukemia, died Feb 2002

*BlackJack: has become one of my best friendships through pool... i find he's misunderstood. captain of a wednesday night team.
*Diamond: On BlackJack's wednight team. Nice lady I really like her. She's joining my tues night team :-) until this happened...
*Ace: Marine. Pool Player. On BlackJack's wed team and joining my tues and thurs teams.
*Jones: was on a thurs night team with Ace but came and joined us when Ace did :-)
*Charlie: she and Jones have this on/off again thing that isn't a thing... she was on the Team that went to Vegas in 2011 but the personalities now she's on my Tues team. She was gonna be on my thurs team but because of Jones she's gonna join Outlaw. Which is kewl, she and talked to us and she's a really nice gal. Loves her alot!!
*Outlaw: was on our Tues and Thurs team; was the captain of the Tues team but he and his wife quit and we took over then he came back... and then he quit us and made his own team again...
*Hollywood aka TheMarine: Wednesday night league Captain turned good friend.
*Cougar: Monday night league Captain turned backstabber and 2faced biatch.
*Goose: league member.
*Viper: league member... was a good friend... only when it suited him.
*Iceman:  league member, I wanna say we're friends but we don't hang out often and when we do it ends up in trouble lol...
*Merlin: league member and a Pagan. also one of the ones who dropped out on us in the Summer 'll tues/thurs leagues and made it difficult for us to compete...
*Wolfman: Cougar said "It's him or me" in regards to Wed and she got her wish, he is still on Mon then she did the same thing to me on Wed... "It's Jester or Me" so Wolfman could come back to wed... which he never did!
*Shazah: was my neighbor in Ft Smith, she's a pagan priestess and her hubby is in the Marines. we recently started speaking again (yay for internet) and got to catching up. We havn't seen each other since fall of 2003 (or so) when her Hubby was transfered to Cali from Arkansas. Now she's in S.C. and still an amazing person!
*Jack (aka Venus): was one of my bestfriends back home. as of current she's had babies and got married. I'm proud of her for cleaining up her life and getting her priorities straight. we're moving forward with our friendship and things are starting to fall into place... (Will & Grace - What I Miss Most - )
*Titan Saturnae: we ment on another Blog and have conversed online for years. On my 28th birthday we met for the 1st time. We've went to ballgames together and he helped us move.
*Suga: my bestest bud back in my hometown in Arkansas -was my 1st true friend after "the big D". I'm happy she's still in my life, altho I don't deserve her as a friend b/c of all the bullshit I pulled on our friendship. I am happy that she has forgiven me and we're still friends.
*Hal: one of my best friends from the Ft Smith, AR area. She's a pagan like me!
*TeeJ: Drummer from Memphis over 10 years of friendship. National Guardsman.
*Coolio : one of my bestfriends, he's in the Air Force. We use to be inseperable. Unfortunatly life takes you in different directions. I miss him more than anyone else in this world (minus family, but he is family to me) I can't wait for he and his family to move back to arkansas!
*Larkin: Terror's exwife, one of my greatest friends. met thru sneezyMud. she's the one i can tell all my secrets too and know she wont tell anyone else. She is also one of my heros. But tell you why she is my hero would be telling her secrets...
*InfernoGoddess: friend from when Hephaestus and I lived in Virginia. We still talk and keep each other updated. We were in seperable for the short time we lived together in VA.
*Hades: formerly Aries' bestfriend BUT! still one of my friends back home.
*Jugalo: way back when friend from my hometown who now lives in cali -well not anymore he moved back to arkansas
*Chekov: Another friend made on Sneezy. We've hungout a few times in person-but mostly it's just online and ingame.
*Gypsie: one of the Pagan Leaders in AR, we use to get together alot but since i moved to Chicagoland we lost contact.
*ArmyGirl: one of my bestfriends since highschool, we lost contact now that I moved away and she's got her own family, etc. she was a bridesmaid in my wedding to Taranis.
*Pimpy: a friend from working at walmart back home
*Hephaestus (sometimes H for short): My ex-husband (Dreams = his wife)
*Crystal: she was my Tarot Mentor turned into bestfriend. We don't even speak now. Also a former Roomate. She couldn't control her ownlife and wanted to control mine and that's not kosher with me!
*Tank: one of my old buddies from back in the day who I need to find again...
*Everlight: was one of the 1st Pagan friends I had ever had, we were also school mates and smoked alot of pot together! (Lots of Thinking Today)

Work and Money
TheHarbor - New Job circa Spring 2011
*Sundown: She only "lets her hair down" after the sun goes down... Her and Hollywood were "dating". Nothing serious... and then he took her virginity...freaked him out. Now there's a bunch of mess :-( between them... but I love this girl! She's awesome and glad I found a friend in her! She's also on my thurs night league.
*Metro: on my thurs night league as well. we are friends. she's a cool person to hang out with.
more names, etc to be determined... stay tuned!!!

All in the Past...

*AuntE: Daddy's sister who passed away from Lukemia October 2006.
*AuntDot: MomI's sister that passed away from cancer in the fall of 2005 on her birthday.

 *JDRP: the one right before Hepheastus. We met at the yearly carnival that's by my dad's house. He had a son he had full custody of and he lived right behind me with a friend of his. We had plans to get a place of our own together when I graduated HS until a 'just a friend' of his came by to show me an ultrasound of his baby in her belly... He'd been cheating on me. I then found out a few years later on accident that he had died... (Shocking Death)
 *SexyMomma: I can't remember how we met exactly but we both have a hatred for TheWhore and SexyMomma dated TheWhore's exhusband for a while.......oh yea! That's how we met!! She knew from the baby's daddy that we had her and she gave us clothes and stuff her twin daughters grew out of... That's how we met :D Ya see, the Baby's Daddy was in the military and knew he couldn't take care of her himself so he was OK with us having her! *Blackburn: one of my friends from school, we've kept in touch off n on through the years.
*GSR: a thief and trouble maker from when I lived in Ft Smith and was trying to be active in the Pagan Community there.
*Ellen: a Pagan Author who died of Lukemia. We use to talk and she help'd me stay strong and we'd give each other strength and pep talks. (Mourning an old Friend)
*Jules: one of the people I met on sneezy. She's also one of the ones H was doing bad things with on the internet. I will spare you the nasty details.
*Nikki: grew up with Hephaestus & Mars in the same Neighborhood, helped out when we needed a sitter for the Boys.
*Greaser: the guy who use to live with us in the house, Tazzie's friend - we use to also sing Karaoke together and we kicked ass!!!
*Cowboy: jerk I dated, we met at walmart working. When they say thier not happy at home and thier going to leave thier wife, he's the typical man saying that and stringing you along and they'll never leave thier wives.... I was so stupid!!!
*Tazzie: former roomate/Crystal's husband. I miss hanging out with Tazzie and having our WingWednesdays at the bar while Crystal went to her Dad's.
*Taz: (not to be confused with Tazzy/ie from IL) friend from walmart job, was Suga's man
*Terror: one of my Sneezy Buddies
*Padaman: use to be one of my Pagan friends in Oklahoma
*Bama/Alabama: one of my friends from Crossroads--We have an on/off-hot/cold friendship... Sometimes we talk, sometimes we don't. (NOT to be confused with 'BamaBoy an ex)
*Sakura: Jugalo's ex-woman. She's a pagan, too.
*Ozzie and Sharon: Husband and wife tag-team duo I met at work in Chicago-Area. I've partied with them sometimes. Since I got a promotion and my hours changed I don't see them or talk to them much anymore.
*TazMan: drummer for HeadRush/wheels of confusion. Another one of those hot/cold friendships created here in Chicagoland...
*Ram: an old friend from my hometown, we go way way back. He was the 1st person to start bringing me out of my shell when I moved back home after "the big D"
*Fitz: one of my best peoples at Crossroads, as he calls "The Roads".
*KaraokeGuy: the dude who runs the show on Karaoke nights
*Kelranth : another sneezyBuddy!
*TheBand: a friend's band out in Cali that I use to do webstuff for
*MountainMan: one of my friends from CrossRoads , fellow Karaoke Goer
*NavyBoy: one of my buds from the bar CrossRoads
*PackerFan: met at Crossroads, realized we work at the Resort/Spa together
*was HeadRush now Wheels of Confusion: a friend's band here locally in IL --the band broke up.
*TheClown: a friend in IL that is a clown --she was more Crystal's friend than mine really so when Crystal and I split up I knew that TheClown and I wouldn't stick it out.
*C'sDad: Crystal's Father
*TheSon: Tazzie's son from previous marriage
*Ross: exboyfriend, was a friend of Aries before Aries & I got together.
*DevilMan: a hot flirt back in Arkansas
*Paco (aka LatinLuvr): Portuguese guy I dated a few months, you guessed it met at walmart
*SoldierBoy: eye candy when I worked at walmart back home
*Chocolate: friend from walmart job
*Bear (not to be confused with Baer): met him at walmart, had a fling
*Aries: exboyfriend/UFC amateur. I heard he's got his own band now...Bastard! (Let You Down - Wow Wow Damn & Drama)
*Persephone: Hades' on again off again woman that Jack just couldn't get him to forget...
*Adonis: some jerk that i "dated" you wont really find anything about him...
*Murky: Jack's ex . She accused us of sleeping together and thus started the downward spiral of our friendship. There is NOWAY in hell I could fuck Murky...Ack. (We've Skipped High School and Gone Back to Elementary)
*Orion (aka TheDruid): was one of my best pagan friends back home. Prime example of "loving something you can't have"...why do men tell you "what if I were single, you and I could be so happy...But my daughter, My kids...I don't want to hurt my kids"...and then they act like its YOUR fault. Bah, stupid men!
*Red: one of our friends back in Virginia. Had some great and fun times didn't we Red? Sometimes I wish you would have broke your "man-bond" with H and ran off with me... Where would be now?? --Hey don't blame me! He started it.
*NightRider: one of H's Mom's friends, she stayed with us during her chemo. She was a really nice lady.
*AuntK: one of H'sMom's Sisters. and RICH! Plus, they own the BEST home-cooking restaurant in J county back home. DAYUM!
*H’sStep-Dad: H'sMom's now exhusband, man who raised Hephaestus & Mars
*H'sDad: his biological father
*Rocko: H and Mars' cousin who helped spurr the downfalls in our relationship
*LilBit: was one of my BestFriends in HighSchool & a few years after. I still can't believe she betrayed me.
*Baer: a friend from Virginia now LilBit's Hubbie...been updated that they didn't get married after all??? what??? Or is it thier divorced? Oh well. Baer also had flings with InferoGoddess & Drama and that's how I met those ladies: while they were dating and he was living under our roof.
*LS and LD (LouisianaSon & LouisianaDad): 2 guests at the Hotel in C'ville I worked at that stayed there along time for work
*Viking: one of my friends in AR
*JY: one of my OLD friends from back in highschool, we use to write together. I miss him!
*DCM: one my exboyfriends in HighSchool - the "jailbird" as he liked to call himself.
*Guy: was one of H's friends, my "almost" affair
*NephewM & NephewA (sometimes known as MarsSon2 & MarsSon1): H's bro's kids. (My Boys)
*Mars: H's Brother
*MarsWife: H's Bro's wife (now exwife)
*XMIL & Nana/NiNi (aka mom or H'sMom): H's mother my former Mother-In-Law
*BWS (Black Widow Stew): One of the bands I've auditioned for & use to hang with
*Paisley: remember that awesome guy that looked like Brad Paisley that I dated? turned out to be an asshole...
*TacoBell: a guy I *thought* I could be friends with up here...I was wrong, just like every other man out there just trying to get into my pants...
*JC (aka Blackhawk Hockey Guy): guitarist I dated up here, has moved to Vegas
*HockeyGuy: a hockey player I dated up in IL
*TheBouncer: friend of MG, bouncer of the ShadowBar
*MG: a DJ I dated up here for a bit
*TheWhore: once upon a time when Hephaestus worked for Tyson he met this guy. And this guy had a wife. She became friends with us and she reported that her husband abused her, manipulated her, etc. She was preggers with a baby. She was going to give us that baby in adoption, but it never happened. there is a HUGE LONG story behind this one person, but we'll leave it at this for now. (Lots of Thinking Today)

Work and Money
Pet Hospital/Vet Clinic - (Fall 2010 - Spring 2011)

AcctgCmd: My Promotion! Desk job "9-5". Finally got my Dream Job! (Spring 2008-Fall 2010)
*Montie: Head of my Department-Accounting & Finance Director (Spring 2008-Summer 2010)
*Homer: my "Supervisor" (from 3/08 until she was fired Dec '09)
*Savannah: 2nd in Command. (Summer 2008-Fall 2010)
*Akira : Sometimes she scares me cuz she's so serious but I think she's a really nice person.
*Addison: VERY funny Lady! and my work MOMMA!!
*Otto: He can be very dry sometimes but mostly he has us rolling. he had many great times until the Summer of 2010 when we quit and joined the Navy.
*Pic: (former Partner in Crime) -- she's the other receivables girl. We have alot in common and can joke around together.--I'd really like for us to be friends outside of work but afraid of the conflicts that could arise from such a thing. And the fact that we come from 2 very diverse backgrounds might not be a very good mixture outside of work anyways. In May of 2009 she went on Maternity leave and never came back.
*Jade: My new coworker as of 3/10 to replace Pic. And let me tell you she's a ditzy airhead and I feel sorry for leaving my job with her to "take my place"...I hope she don't screw them up too badly!!
*Nevada: He was in sales and I figured I'd be proactive cuz he sounded like a nice guy and things went great until sports season --he's originally from the chicago area (moved back summer 2008) and hates the packers, loves the bears, hates the sox and is a cubby fan... as of February 2009 He put in his notice.
*I never did think of a name for Monte's replacement...

TheSpa: I use to work at a resort & did alot of night shifts on the weekends in the recreation/spa building. I've since been promoted to Accounting and for simplicity we'll leave this as "the spa" but adding "acctgcommand" to reference the new position. (Fall 2006-Spring 2008)
*SpaBoss: Recreation/Leisure Director (between 8/06-3/08 just "Boss" or "Supervisor")
*ANS: Works in the TheSpa occasionally, use to talk and hangout alot when we worked together.

TheFirm: was my corporate job til I was laid off due to cutbacks 01/08
*McDreamy: a former project manager and total hotty
*BossSF: one of the owners

The Car Dealership
*Jerry: My Fave Salesman I worked with at the CarDealership in 2003
*Domerece: Another Salesman, my least fave at the CarDealership

By no means do I have *everyone* in this list, I'll be updating it as often as I remember and as new people come into my life.
this is(**related posts**)in process