Monday, July 11, 2011

When You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

First off, my honey's got a new codename: Maverick; as in Top Gun... We did this for our pool league. But then I quit our Monday and Wednesday night teams... I decided to keep my hubby as Maverick in all aspects because I believe it suits him very well. Mine is Jester... It suits me well if you know my past at all and my tarot stuff. I've also added to the "friends list" newest ontop in each category... some codenames are still eluding me.

As we all know in Chicago I had a hard time making true friends. Alot of folks were shallow and/or selfish and wanted YOU to be there for THEM... well, those types of people sadly are every where but I am finally starting to feel like I have some friends now here in the new 'hood. Granted they're mostly pool league peeps but not all.

I lost 2 of what I thought were good friends this past week. It was a painful breakup but I am better off without Cougar and Viper in my life and defintly Wolfman! I will miss Goose; I hope I can see him sometime and I still have him on facebook... Hollywood insisted on not letting our friendship die and I am so happy for that! I hope we can get back to normal soon. Hollywood is also on my thurs night team.

I won't bore you with all the deets as I have to get ready for work... but I just got tired of Cougar being 2 faced and a bitch. And it's one thing to call me a bitch straigt up but to go behind my back and tell everyone that I know how terrible I am, that's a different story. All I did was request that Wolfman not be in the TEAM picture when he's NOT on the wednesday night team. So Cougar and Viper both said "if Jester's on it, we're not... we want Wolfman back" and that's the same bullshit that Cougar pulled on Wolfman last sesson. I found out she's not a true friend. And it's sad because I did like her.

But it's ok! I have all these other friends still and coming up with codes for them is going to be fun! everyone is so diverse :)