Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spine Fusion Follow-Up

this is hard to talk about <- last post before surgery (nearly)

i'm afraid i'm going to hurt. that its going to hurt really bad. but i am hopeful that this will "cure" me and i no longer have spinal and leg issues.

I was right to be afraid, it was the most painful thing I had ever felt in my entire life. And the fact the nurses did nothing to help me in the hospital made it even worse. Plus the allergic reaction to the Dilaudid.

I believe I've been cured. I return for my 1 year check up at some point in August 2010 and my last check up he said that the 1 year would most likely be the last one.

I have to live with these in my back now... but they are so much better than the constant pain! I have NO pain now! My body tries to move in ways it can't anymore and it'll cause a little discomfort but not pain.

if you visit the month of August and hit "end" to take you to the bottom of the page you'll see the first 4 weeks of post op surgery posts--that some are quite hilarious with my mispellings and wrong words ;)