Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hi nurse, what kind of incision and stitches do i have?

should not be responded by "i don't know". NOR should your nurse not be aware that you are allergic to penicillin NOR should your nurse not be aware that you had an allergic reaction to a medication right after surgery and should not try to ask you about going to the stronger said medication that you had a reaction to because it would "take the pain away more" than the NOT ALLERGIC medication...

also, your CNA or Patient Care Tech or whatever the fuck they want to call themselves should know what kind of operation you had so when you buzz them and tell you have to pee and they come into your room they shouldn't just throw down the sides of your bed and walk away... I HAD A FUCKING GODAMN SPINAL FUSION YOU SHITTARD AND YOU EXPECT ME TO HOP UP BY MY FUCKING SELF YOU LITTLE INGRATE!!!

someone should check in on your more than just shift change and ofcourse a prompt response to "i'm peeing myself because you wont fucking come and let me out of bed" would be appreciated. so i forced myself to stay in my chair so i wouldn't have to deal with that again.

i also started my period while i was in the hospital. that's wonderful, right?? i asked the nurse if she'd help me put a pad in my underwear and she refused to. so i sat bloody on a towel until taranis came afterwork and helped me. i also can not wipe myself. thier idea of wiping me was patting my ass cheek with a paper towel and calling it done.

i am required to wear a brace at all times when i am not lying down. they wouldn't put my brace on me!! and after i insisted over and over again, they didn't even know how to use the stupid thing...

as i said prior that i was not impressed by my level of care at said hospital. i called and left a message with VP of patient relations. now i'm waiting to hear back from them.

i am sitting at my computer desk right now and i do not think i'll be sitting here for very long but i will be sitting here for a little while every day now to try and get myself up off the couch and out of bed a little more. and i miss reading everyone's blogs... i tried reading via my cellphone but i couldn't comment on any of them which makes me very sad!!

much love to you all