Friday, March 12, 2010

Pestilence Hill R.I.P.

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Murray needs a Hug... Please go hug him...

exerpt from his story:
Earlier this week she disappeared and as I have long expected that she was destined to die by misadventure I was near certain that she was gone for good. It is a measure of her outgoing nature that the neighbours on both side of me asked where she was as they were both used to her visiting every day for second and third breakfast. Regardless of who she visited during the day she was always waiting on the drive for me at dinner time. If I went to the shops she would trot along behind me then wait on one side of the road for me to come back. If I was in the house she sat where she could see me and was against this showering thing but felt the need to oversee it anyway. For the time she was missing I would look for her on the driveway, then whistle for her. I would wake up several times during the night and she wouldn’t be on her blanket next to my head so I would go out and look for her. It was intolerable to me that she was gone without a chance to say goodbye and to maintain my part of the deal that I would take care of her. I spent two nights and three days looking for her and if I asked anything of the gods I asked for her return in whatever state.