Friday, March 19, 2010

rollercoaster week!

Monday I applied for a loan with bank A and was denied. Tuesday I applied for a loan with bank B and was approved on Wednesday. Wednesday the man and I went out and test drove a little Dodge Neon.

Yes, that is a sold sign you see hanging from the rearview mirror.

Earlier in the day I also got an awesome yearly review and sadly we have a wage freeze so I didn't get a raise..ugh. It would have been nice!

Yesterday we cruised around in the car and went out to celebrate at Chilis.

Today my dad told me that my UncleJ (who was AuntE's husband -go here and here) passed away. They were more like Grandparents than Aunt/Uncle because she was the oldest sibling and old enough to be daddy's mom. She pretty much wrapped her arms around all of us (my cousins) and became a surrogate grandma when daddy's momma passed away (her mom, too)... I couldn't get out to her funeral and I wont be able to get to his either... But I'll always remember him in my heart. Both of them. As I get older death is looking at me from every corner it seems.

We're going to visit Arkansas for memorial weekend in May. I'm going to go spend some time with BioMom's dad and see her biological mom while we're there. Losing the closest thing to a grandfather I've known on my dad's side (his father was murdered when he was a boy) is really opening my eyes I need to see my Grandparents as much as I can.

Rest In Peace UncleJ, you will be missed and are truly loved. My life is blessed because I had you there to share in it!