Saturday, March 20, 2010

Census reflection...

Jean over at Pondering....... was inspired to write a Census reflection... which has inspired me to write my own as well...

1980 - this was the year of my birth. If March is always when the census happens then I was a weee little fetus in BioMom's tummy

1990 - I was 10 years old or well 9 going on 10. I remember loving school and having fun with the other kids in the neighborhood.

2000 - Was at the tail end of the cancer treatments (for the 1st time), living in my own apartment, my first one which became Feather's first apartment as well when she and her hubby moved into the city from the country!! (I think I remember telling ya'll about that...maybe not, i can't find a post on it...) and was in a rocky relationship.

2010 - a ton of shit has happened in the past 10 years that you all know about...but currently I'm sitting in my townhouse (still renting but that's ok) with a new car in the garage, a great job, a wonderful man and still dealing with the cancer womanly issues but i'm alive and kicking and feeling great!

what were you doing when the other census' rolled around??