Wednesday, September 09, 2009

wednesday... "2" days before BioMom...

So as much as I'd loooove to go to the Zoo (again) I do not think it'd be wise to go public transport with my fusion pain and BioMom... Parking $30 and the zoo is free... are you kidding me? I know, I know its because OTHER non zoo people park there too, but its just a royal bitch, ya know? I thought the Zoo would be a great thing for me and BioMom to do. And I'm thinking A-LOT of the pain I've been in... the Zoo even a small one, might be a bit much...? yea? no? I'm insane? ok yea I'm insane... I agree... But I really wanted to go to the ZOO!! Maybe sunday? Maybe... could be... we'll see...

Instead: Farmers Markets! That's right, Farmers Markets. I remember from when I use to visit her as a wee child we use to go to Flea Markets and Farmers Markets. So We're all gonna go on Saturday Morning. And you know Farmers Markets aren't "HUGE" so we might maybe kind of sort of just happen to stop at a Flea Market or maybe yard (garage) sales on the way Home. That'd be fun, right?

Saturday Evening: Baseball game! Woot Woot Woot! Its the last game in the series so if its a sweep the game will be cancelled but dudes, I have a back up plan: its called a German Festival called Oktoberfest! And I'm ready to eat me some GERMAN FOODS!

Sunday: No freakin clue. She departs about somewhere in the 9 oclock area so we gotta get her there an hour early so we have to be at the busdepot somewhere in the 8 oclock hour... so I'm thinking we'll take her to do Bridal Registries with us (that takes all damn day) then home to eat dinner and relax and leave a little early to drive around Chicago and show her Lake Shore Drive and stuff. But MAYBE if she's willing to pay for the $30 parking for the zoo we can go to the zoo (I think it closes at 5?) and then we can drive around a few hours before dropping her off at the bus station. But I don't think she'll go for the Idea of her stuff being locked up in our car in a parking garage... she can be overly paranoid at things so I think the zoo just might be and Taranis and I will just have to wait until next year for the zoo...

You see, She's never been to Chicago before. And I BEGGED her to do it when I am better so we can do fun touristy stuff! I wanted to show her Navy Pier, I know she'd have a blast there! And maybe pay that extra money to speed pass up to the top of "Sears" Towers' Sky Deck now known as the Willis Tower and Chicago Sky Deck... (Lame Asses) I even said that if she waited until Winter when the Kris Kringle Market is up downtown that she could bring her nasty husband and he could just sit in the bedroom all day and drink himself stupid (like he does at home only in his living room NOT IN MINE) and we'd have fun!!

But no, she's determined to come RIGHT NOW. When I'm IN THE MIDDLE of recovery when it seems i have more bad days than good days. When my muscles are spasming more and more and I HAVE NO FUCKING MONEY. Sigh.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you, I'm just a little irritated right now (with pain and with her and with the thought of going back to work loooooming over me and having no money)... On top of giving her the necklace I wanted to do something that was fun and exciting and let her explore the city! She'll probably never come back here while I'm living here. Taranis and I are FIRM on moving one way or another before or after our wedding (April 2011) and if we get NO MORE surprises between now and 1 yr from now, I bet we just might be gone when our lease is up. Daddy done said he'd be willing to let us live with them... Altho since we're "not married" in a legal form one of us is sleeping on the couch until we get a place... ugh! Having Daddy & MomI and her whole (most of not all of) her family as ministers can be a real pain in the ass!!

I know we've said we're going to move to Florida but Taranis thinks that's a huge FAIL on our part for not "settling" down at "our ages" and it would be bad to uproot in 5 (or so) years when we have kids ready to start school and "start all over" again. And you know what? He's right!! And either way we both agree we like the Schools in Arkansas. And we love being that close to my family and that much CLOSER to his Mom so its a 1 & 1/2 day drive instead of 2 (should be 3 but we pushed it).

I don't even know why I'm talking about this crap I'm probably going to end up just jynxing us. But I don't care. I hate Illinois and I don't want to live here anymore! And I hate (some) of the people I work with and I don't want to work with them anymore but I have to put up with it to get atleast 5 years at the same company (that 1 promotion was wonderful but I think I'm at an end on promotions in this new position) and I KNOW that those 2 facts alone would be awesome on a resume!!