Thursday, September 10, 2009

here it comes... wait for it... wait for it... wait... for... it...

Cleaning out the Blazer tonight when the man gets home. Yep, won't have time tomorrow. Tomorrow he wants to go to the movies for his birthday with his birthday money he got from my parents and his mom (FMIL) before we go and pickup BioMom from the bus depot. Also gotta vaccuum and "straighten" the bed coverlet, you can see where the cats deem it thier bed and fight on it... I washed the whole bed the other day so that's not an issue they're just... little kitty "foot prints" dimples and it needs to be smooooth cuz I'm anal that way. I smooth it daily and they fight on it daily.... messing it up for me aaalll the time!

I guess I should look at the schedules and see what's playing and what times! We gotta be there to pick her up about 11:30ish pm...

I found a picture of Taranis and I and put it in an old but decent frame. It use to hold my notary certificate that I brought home with me on medical leave, lol yes I'm a weirdo because I forgot my stamp in the drawer... along with candy. My candy better still be there! Along with my STUFF = pens and markers and hilighters, etc etc etc.

BioMom looms ever closer and so does the doctor. There is NO fuckin way today can be Thursday... DAMN

I'm wishing we hadn't cut my dosage of pain pills. I hurts. And I find I'm taking the 5s more than I did the 7s. DUH! the 7s are stronger... I am supplementing with Tylenol since my ass can't have ibuprophen. You know... if I took 2 5s it'd be like taking a 10 and that's what I started off with... altho that might not be smart because its 5 of one medication and 325 of another medication mixed together and while I know 10/325 is ok I don't know if 10/650 would be ok... but in the hospital they were going to give me 2 of the 10s so it would have been 20/650... hmmmmmmm. do i dare? i don't know because I took 2 of the 7s when I asked Candid Beauty to be my Matron of Honor and that was 14/650 total dosage... and boy howdy I was higher than a fucking KITE! let me tell you... no, SHE can tell you!

Ok I guess I better get off here. Taranis will be home in about 30 and I got a stew concoction on warm in the crockpot (i love my crockpot) and I need to whisk out some cornbread for it!

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