Monday, August 24, 2009

Kai saved Mommie's life!

Picture it, Sicily 1917...

sorry, i love the Golden Girls and I think Sophia has some awesome stories... back to what happened this morning:

I roll out of bed (which seemed easier this morning) and head straight for the potty (for once I didn't wake up in the middle of the night with an ungodly urge and almost pee myself...) at a normal time (9 am) and as I'm just sitting down and just starting to pee I notice this aweful spider in the corner and it moves towards me and I'm sitting there peeing, I can't stop!! and the next thing I know Kai pounces on the monster and captures it in her paws. I scream "Kai no baby it'll hurt you!!" and I think she's gonna get bit by this horrible creature and then I see her put her in nose into her paws and I just know she's gonna have a bite from the spider on her note but she releases her hold and only 1/2 the spider remains and in another deft move the spider is gone... its gone. Kai ate it.

Kai ate the spider.

The spider that was charging at her Mommy!!

And you folks wonder why I call her my guard kitty! She follows me everywhere. She lays at my feet constantly. She sleeps curled up above my head at night when I'm sleeping. She's my little guard kitty. And she's making me cry again only this time its happy tears instead of scared tears.

This episode almost makes me feel bad for calling her "mommie's little whore that wants to get fucked" (she's in heat and I say it real cute when I'm lovin on her, come on its funny, admit it!) - "little fucking bitch" (when she does something bad like climb on the hamster cages) - and much more I can not think of right now...