Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Kai made Mommy cry...

we all know kittens are curious and want to be in everything. she's sooo curious that sometimes it can be a bit scary.

like tonight...

when i opened the oven door and my hands were in the oven to the point where if i would have moved suddenly i'd have burned myself seriously... she ..... oh god she almost jumped into the oven. 450 degree oven and that kitten almost jumped into it.

going to have to make sure Joe is holding her the next time i have to do anything with the oven.

you can tell when they are going to pounce, they hunch up thier little hineys and start shaking it... i said "no kai! no! kai no!!" and instead of jumping she stood on her hind legs and tried to climb in!! Joe came running in.

i can't get these two scenes out of my head: me jerking instead of 'staying calm' and burning my arms and hands or her not listening and jumping/Joe not coming in and her climbing onto the oven door.

talk about a bad spot to be in!! when your doubled over and reaching for a heavy casserole dish... FUCK!

she also tries to climb into the dishwasher...

i was in tears holding her "kai baby don't do that again! you scared me"