Sunday, June 14, 2009

goals updates...

in this post i expressed some goals i wanted to meet for 2009 and thought i'd share an update on them... thank you to Lisa Chelle @ Fat & Fabulous for reminding of this post!!

*get off the medications
I'm off the narcotics and won't know if I can get off the other medical issue pills until Tuesday when I go see my other doc. And even though I am off the narcs I am on Celebrex now...

*become healthier and more fit
the man i started walked everyday (or atleast we tried to) and sometimes my pain was too much and i'd give in and let him take me home... my new doc says i must never give in and still walk. we'll see how that goes.

*get the medical bills paid off

i don't think i'll ever get these paid off if i keep having to have procedures and injections and possibly a spinal fusion...

*either be pregnant or have given birth by 2010

the man and i have decided to hold off on the baby making while my body is full of toxins and medications that make for an unhealthy environment. and we have also considered waiting until after we move to florida...

*buy a new vehicle by next winter (and try to keep the blazer, too)
with major surgery coming up and all the medical bills sometimes it can be hard to even concieve of buying a new car... so maybe the blazer will stay a good girl and keep running for us!!

*have more money in the savings account
considering i wiped it out paying vet bills for the new kitteh and Drake that was a huge fail... but was succeeding until then...

*be even more valuable to the company I work for
according to Savannah I'm very valuable and according to Homer I'm not.. that i'm expendable. we'll see... I like Savannah more anyways...

*visit each family atleast once
we went to florida and arkansas and spent time with both families plus i went to my Raquel's graduation so I would say we've achieved this... however visiting for the holidays will not be something we can do this year.

*post more to my blog

sometimes i feel like i post too much... what do ya'll think?