Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Is Here

So I guess I should say... Happy New Year!

we went out last night and watched the movie "Bedtime Stories" it was very cute and very funny! and it might also be the only movie i've ever seen Adam Sandler in that he wasn't cussing worse than a sailor.

I'm slightly moody this new years day, i took my last of my monthly pills yesterday morning and the day after is usually a nice swing into the ugly green monster land... and sure enough, i didn't even see it coming and there she is. the smallest things bring her into life the day after the last pill. thankfully i have a man that understand that this can not helped and it is chemicals and medications that i have to consume the last 5 days of every month.

so my 1st new years resolution I guess would try (again) to get my doc to take me off the pills at my next appointment in June. Which... depending on what we decide I guess I could go on different medication (in conjunction with the meds i'm already on) that would kind of enhance the ugly green monster just the slightest. Yes, I'm speaking of fertility drugs. 2009 could be the year we get pregnant. Or it could be another year that I stay without child. And i don't want to think about it right now, cuz i'm missing my family ALOT right now. And when i'm home sick the ugly green monster seems to be amplified.

Back to the last day of 2008...

Woke up at 5:30 am to take Joe to work. We went and got coffee first which was a very nice treat. Dropped him off about 6:30 and waited at the mechanic's until about 7:15. After about an hour he came in and said "I know what's wrong with your truck: #1 you don't need a front end alignment and its not the missing lugnuts/bolts causing your truck to shake badly. Your passenger tire is seperating, the belt is broke. Most likely a pot hole did it. #2 you need a complete new set of front brakes, etc. Your rear brakes are fine. All that combined with the oil change and the routine maintenance your bill will be about $250." I said "whoa, seriously? that's like $100 less than I estimated from prior work" and he just smiled. I was seriously in awe. I love my mechanic (for vehicle purposes only).

Now I just need to buy 2 new tires to replace the one that keeps going flat (slow leak) and the one that seperated which happend to be the spare in the 1st place! I've had such horrible luck with tires on that blazer that I kept having to rotate the front tires between the good ones and the spare. What's now the passenger front will become the spare and we'll buy 2 new tires for the front. My rear tires are still in very good condition (thankfully) and I'll get the tires next month. Our budget is shot to hell right now for January.

I then went to walmart and traded back a christmas gift (I got the same book from 2 different people) and got us some Fritos and Quesa dip to go with the Subway sandwhiches I got us for lunch.

After chatting it up with some folks from his work and waited on the last load to pick up we went to the market and got us some alchohol for new years eve. Then we went home and then to the movies. After the movies we made dinner and I drank 2 pineapple coladas and 4 mudslides and still didn't get drunk. Slightly buzzed and very sleepy!!! Joe had a whole bottle of wine to himself and got very buzzed.

I was starting to feel something after the 2 colodas and the 1 mudslide but then we --we had some fun-- and it was all over after that. I couldn't get more buzzed than I was!

We accepted defeat about 11pm and went to sleep. During which I ended up turning off my phone because every 5 minutes someone new was calling or texting me. I have never turned off my phone before. Even on mute/vibrate it was waking me up vibrating on the carpet. I woke up this morning about 7am and crashed out on the couch next to Joe playing our game. Finally turned on my cell about 11am and surprisingly no voicemails!

And here I am! hopefully the ugly green monster has showed herself for the last time today (my computer was dying on me and turning itself off and I was bitchy and joe wanted to help fix it and i wouldn't let him and it was just nasty but he still loves me!) and eventually he did get it fixed. And my battery is working fine now (grumbles) but his is not (laughs). Oh well, stupid technology.

We had french toast this morning and i'm cooking the blackeyed peas and ham right now in the crockpot. its' making my tummy talk it smells so good!!!

Joe's mom gave us her old digital camera (which is twice better than the one we did have) it's amazing and an Olympus. Gave us extra batteries and memory cards as well as a case to keep it in, etc.

So to make a long post even longer here is my list of things to accomplish this year (I have no resolutions, thier made to be broken) in no particular order:

*get off the medications
*become healthier and more fit
*get the medical bills paid off
*either be pregnant or have given birth by 2010
*buy a new vehicle by next winter (and try to keep the blazer, too)
*have more money in the savings account
*be even more valuable to the company I work for
*visit each family atleast once
*post more to my blog