Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Today Is My Birthday

Happy Birthday to me!!

what did I do today??

I got up way too early, went to the doc for my "prevent the female cancer from coming back" routine as always on this day. They drew 5 vials of blood out of me. OUCH OUCH OUCH. there goes another vein!! lol, just kidding! my veins have been shot for years now. I use to have to have blood drawn every month. Thank the gods no more!

I have to wait a few weeks for my results as always.

My uterus still looks good per the ultrasound. And I can't get off my meds. Can you see my pouty face?? She was all set to start the "lets make a baby" game but since my back is bothering me still she agrees we should deal with the back pain first and have babies later.

They also did a PCOS test... While there is no "cure" for PCOS they can give me treatments that help with alot of things that are wrong with me. This includes infertility and weightloss. While we know that some of my infertility is due to the cancer history, it doesn't explain why i couldn't get preggers BEFORE the cancer...

She also checked my thyroid too.

I have alot of things i'm waiting for the results...

on to the good stuff!! yesterday with money from BioMom and Joe I got 2 pairs of pants and 2 new shirts. Today I got 3 shirts and a new skirt, this was money from Work for my bday (our office takes up a pool of $10 ea and it goes on a giftcard w/ cake on the side *yummy strawberry shortcake!*) i have almost $60 of birthday money left (FMIL gave me $$ too), I want to try and get atleast 1 or 2 more pairs of pants and try to find LOW/flats that are open toed. My "higher"/medium healed shoes are not comfortable but they are all I have right now... They didn't use to be a problem!!

How I can I buy so much on so little? Its called I never buy it unless its on sale. Period. I'm a cheepcheep.