Friday, September 09, 2011

End of the Summer Session

This week was the last week of the Summer League Session... (except for playoffs)

Tues 8 ball we were keeping in line with first and stayin in 2nd pretty much all session with just a few points behind them until our other teammates quit on us and it was just me, Maverick, Outlaw and Black Jack to tow the line. We did good until another team caught us in 2nd for a tie. We ended in 3rd which is pretty darn good for being short players! We can not wait for Fall session to start in a few weeks and we'll have our new teammates joining us: Mrs. Outlaw, Hollywood, Diamond and Ace. With a full roster and some kick-ass players joining our already awesome fourman 8ball killin machine we are sure to take it all the way :-)

Thurs 9 ball we've been in last place all session (4th place, only 4 teams). We had a few members drop out of it too (guess they can't handle league pressure?) and it was me, Maverick, Outlaw, Sundown, Metro and Hollywood takin names and gettin our butts kicked but kickin butt ourselves towards the end! lol after the whole session we started making a come back and doing really damn good ourselves and with Jones and Ace joing us I know that we're gonna be pretty damn good and a tough team to beat!!

I also wanted to let you know that Maverick and Hollywood's Monday and Wednesday night teams that they're on are going to the playoffs this coming week and I believe they finished 2nd and 3rd?? Don't quote me! Good luck to them on thier battle to get to the Local Team Champions!

Mav and I can't wait for fall session! And we can't wait to start Friday Night Doubles with Mr. and Mrs. Outlaw!!

In Love, Laughter and Light...