Wednesday, August 31, 2011

win some you lose some

Last night was 8 ball league. Remember how I said we were solid 2nd and just a few points out of 1st?? We played the 3rd place team and the 1st played the last place team. 1st place steam rolled them and we lost 3-2. I was first up and I won my match 2-0. Black Jack came next and he won his match 5-2. Outlaw came next and he lost his match 5-3 and Maverick lost his match 5-3. In the APA they are both level 6 who played level 6, Black Jack is a 6 and played a 4 (his Vegas doubles partner of all people lol) and I played a 3, I am a 2. She was not a very good 3 or she was having an off night. Then I played again this time against an awesome 4 who is also on NAPA leagues and she rolled me 4-0. We are now tied in 2nd place and we'll go to the playoffs. We are NOT allowed to replay in the playoffs so I gotta get my A game on so we can win 4-1; I don't wanna be going back n forth between 1st and 2nd all session just to lose out on the first bracket in the playoffs.

I can taste Vegas; I call feel it in my bones! I wanna go back so bad and make a side trip through Sedona and get more of that awesome wine!!

I know if we don't make the Local Team Championships (you win that and you go to Vegas for the Nationals) this session we sure as hell are gonna take the League by storm this session. We have an AWESOME roster, we recruited some amazing players (yes, I stole em from the teams they were on) and we are gonna kick some pool butt! Too bad we have to wait until Fall session starts before they can play on our team! lol

As for Black Jack we had a talk last night. I'm gonna hang with him tonight (as usual since my falling out with Mav's mon/wed team) after my staff party at work. I have missed him so much! I am glad we're on better terms now. He was teasing me about putting together his own team; he'd be with us but he wants to keep his fri and saturday nights free. I am assuming this is for the fiance/girlfriend he never told anyone about. Shame on him! I asked when he was gonna let us all meet her and he said never. Pool and Personal/Family are seperate. She's not even on his facebook!! I kind of wonder about thier relationship... An ex of his showed up lastnight and he pointed her out to me. Omigod I can not see THAT happening. He said he wasn't thinking... obviously. Yes, I have a small crush on Black Jack. Everyone knows including the husband... he calls him my boyfriend lol

And on that note... i need to get ready and go birthday shopping for Maverick, his birthday is saturday and then I gotta go to work and party on a barge and eat some yummy food and go hang with my peeps and my fave pool hall. but first, another 3 miles! and, i've lost 5 lbs so far this past week or so :-) go me!

In Love, Laughter and Light...