Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The end of Summer is drawing near

Can you believe that 1 year ago today I was spending the day packing our entire life up to move back to Arkanas? That means that Maverick's birthday is this weekend. I wanted to do something extra special for him since we spent last year moving on his birthday but he got a pretty sweet tv when we moved so... lol

I got my test results back, my levels were extremely low. Atleast they were not undetectable (like in 2004 when the exhusband Hephaestus and I were on baby makers) and now I'm just waiting for the call to increase the dosage of Chlomid and possible take the Progesterone pills (depends on if the "visitor" shows like she's supose to or not...).

MomI's surgery went well. They removed the tumor (again) and showed it to be not cancerous (again) and so now they're scheduling a MRI (again) to try and get to the bottom of all this.

Tonight we have 8 ball league. Currently we're in 2nd place and lack 1st by 3 points. And I found out that Black Jack isn't going to be able to make it tonight and with half our team quitting 3 weeks before session is up ($$ issues for them, lost jobs etc) it left us with 4 players. Which if he doesn't show tonight that leaves 3 players and 1 replay so we forfeit a match. We can do a replay but only in regular season so if we can do this tonight and pull into 1st we skip the play offs and go straight for the Local Team Championships or if we can stay in 2nd we can't replay in the playoffs and we have to kill the first 3 games and win out. We have new members waiting in the wings for Fall session to begin. We are going to have a kickass team in both 8 ball and 9 ball (thurs nights). AND with the new Fall session we have a new doubles format. Alternating 8 ball and 9 ball everyother week. Single, Scotch Doubles, Single in the night. We are so excited! And I asked Black Jack to team up with us and he's being all reluctant and shit. I am seriously hurt here, my feelings are hurt so badly. I love and care for him so much as a friend, we've bonded and gotten really close and for him not to want to join us... it just hurts. So instead of having a 4 man team Mav said we can do it with just me and him and we'll be ok. We can add another player (up to 2) within the first 4 weeks of play so here's to hoping Black Jack changes his mind!

In Love, Laughter and Light...