Monday, August 22, 2011


My car is sick, she's having tranny issues. She's being admitted to the car repair place today for god knows how long and for how much money! I have to leave in 1.5 hours... ugh. And can only get to about 30 mph.

I take my blood test to see how we're doing with the baby makers in 1 week. really hope I have my car is back by then.

MomI is having another tumor removed from her neck. they still say benign but it's grown 4 x the size it was when first removed in 4 months. plus she was diagnosed with copd. this is not looking well for MomI. this is to take place on wednesday and my car is broke.

the ironic thing about my car is i've been helping a friend out who had tranny issues. i had just dropped her off and was 1/2 way home when my car decided to take a break too... thankfully i was by our pool hall and had the chance to chill with some awesome peoples while i waited for Maverick to get me.

speaking of pool. one of my dearest friends (Black Jack) went to vegas for the apa championships and got 5th place in the nation! how aewsome is that!?