Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This week, I have no regrets!!

You ready for this?? I lost 4 lbs this week! *doing a happy dance* That totally makes up for the stagnant weeks in my honest opinion!!! Lets recap the week shall we?

For a refresher here were my goals:
  • Eat within my calorie range.
  • Drink TONS of water!
  • Do at least 1 cardio -including my strength training days.
Wednesday: I told you I was participating in JoAnna's "Operation No Regrets" And I laid out my goals for you. Only one of those didn't get met and that was excersise. I procrastinated until I was finished with laundry and ended up slamming my hand into the dryer and bending back my pinky and wrist in an unnatural and painful manner. May we say "OUCH"? while I am kicking myself for not excersising earlier in the day I can't really say much but "silly girl"...

Thursday: Babying an injured wrist the only goal not met was excersise.

Friday: With "healed" hand/wrist I did my strength training and I had to FORCE myself to eat up to my calories. lol I know right, I find myself having to eat extra in the evening for dinner or a snack later (usually a snack, I save the extra cals for later) because I skimp so much during the day I end up under!

Saturday: I was nearly at my max on calories... If you follow me on twitter or fb you'll know that Friday and Saturday was spent searching for items for the wedding regarding our invatations. My sister is doing them for us and she bought out hobby lobby a bazillion times in her area so we decided to search the ones here and in the meantime found out they were having a 60% off sale. So when work let me go after 2.5 hours on saturday we decided to take advantage of my unexpected time off and travel all over central arkansas in search of Hobby Lobbys. We hit 7 stores total and bought out everyone darn one of em!! In process that made it to where we ate out for lunch and while I tried to eat "healthy" when I got my plate I realized that words can be deceiving?? I ended up skipping dinner #1, I wasn't hungry after eating more than I normally do in a meal and #2 I was almost maxed on cals. We ended up meeting up with my daddy and MomI and I walked A TON in the mall with her so that makes up for the luncheon overload. But I have no regrets! I had a wonderful "valentines luncheon" with my fiance and we got more than we expected for the wedding (bubbles and candies) because the price was right and i got to spend one on one time with MomI and daddy and Taranis got to hang out together.

Sunday: was an amazing day! my handsome and I went to the hardware store and bought lumber to make a ballreturn on our pool table. it's so awesome! and I got to use power tools :) lol we made homemade spinach and chicken alfredo pizza and i stayed within my calorie range. it was an awesome day!!

Monday: I totally kicked ass. Stayed within my calories and did both strength and awesome cardio.

Tuesday: that day was a test. a test to see if I could up myself to 6 miles from 3 miles. I also scrubbed my house from ceiling to carpet... aka I did my monthly deep scrub. so after spending all day scrubbing and cleaning i climbed on my gazelle and i did 3 miles and i was exhausted but i took a 10 min break and i got right back on and did another 3. i was ready to collapse but I did it and I will say that my fitness goals have now taken a turn, i can no longer do 3 every other day and it be ok. Oh, and my calories were perfect!!

My new goals:
Strength Training = Increase each by 1 set.
Cardio= 3 miles on Strength Training days and 6 miles on the other days.