Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Operation: No Regrets

One of my favorite people (JoAnna aka Mad, Fat Woman) is challening us on our weight loss journies to have no regrets! I'm going to join her in this because this past week, I've had alot of regrets:
  • Chocolate for Charity Festival (Good cause, great fun with the fiance but not nice to my scale)
  • Didn't eat within my calorie range... as you can see on my Food & Excersise Journal
  • Didn't do atleast 1 cardio a day -including the days of my strength training
Today is also my weigh in day... I restarted this journey a month ago at 260 lbs. Last week I weighed in at 250. This week.... 250. Maintained a weight loss of 10 lbs. If I could have just changed some things... It could have been more...

This week's "I will have no regrets" Goals:
  • Eat within my calorie range.
  • Drink TONS of water!
  • Do at least 1 cardio -including my strength training days.
  • Quit my job.
Yes, I said quit my job. If you follow my FB or Twitter you'd see that things are no longer ideal at the pet hospital. One person says one thing, another person says another thing and that equals me getting "lectured at" alot. One of the Docs said it took me over an hour to assess and log in a new patient. (Which is pure BS, btw) They're losing money and not making money which means they're going downhill. I don't get any hours. I was looking at "minimalistic" hours to begin with at 20 hrs a week but 3 - 6 hours a week sometimes none at all are not ideal, I wanna work! I wanna do SOMETHING. They don't have enough patients/hours for all the manpower and they're barebones as it is. So, I'm going to go back to school this summer (I hope I have given enough time for grant and loan approvals, plus the spring semester is in full swing already) I tentatively put Early Childhood Development as my major. I am not 100% sure on what I want to do but with the community college near by, that's all I saw that interests me. Taranis got a promotion at work and with his $ an hour he makes already (hopefully an increase comes soon!) plus his extra 30 - 45 minutes a day from his promotion (overtime) he can make up what little (or no) income I brought in.

Wish me luck!! And go visit JoAnna!! She and her blog was featured on our local news and I am so proud of her!!