Saturday, February 05, 2011

Happy New Year!!, Oh damn I'm late to the party...

As you can imagine the last 6 months of any wedding is hard... given you've been planning for any significant amount of time. Women who say "lets get married in 3 months" are ridiculous!!

I went through a bout of depression. Angry at myself and the world. Didn't gain weight but I didn't lose any either so I fail on that big time. Since starting over with the "new and healthier me" I have lost 10 lbs and hope to continue to lose more before the wedding. My goal is to lose 50 by end of June, which is doable if I stay on task. Yes, I'm still keeping track on the sidebar.

One of my goals is "journaling" again. So to you blogger: thank you for still being here!!

It's been hard getting my bridesmaids together. I lost one completely and thought that I might have lost another but her daughter decided not to do her dance competition and wanted to be apart of my wedding as the replacement for the lost bridesmaid. SCORE! We've went through so many groomsmen it's a wonder we even have any! My bestie Coolio was supose to be one and he can't because of the military. The original Best Man dropped out because his wife is pregnant and due when our wedding is. Then we asked my brother Swift to stand in for Coolio, well his wife is pregnant too and due the same time... So now I have 4 bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen and no bestman. I have a MAID of Honor and a MATRON of Honor because I couldn't choose between 1 or the other of 2 girls...

Would you be concerned if I told you I didn't have my dress yet?? I am a little concerned as well. March 5th we go to pick one out. BioMom is driving 3.5 hours to there. I won't lay all the drama on you but you'd think the mother(s) of the bride would do any and everything to be there with her while she tries on dresses, right?! Ugh. So after many tears and many tantrums........hers not mine........ biomom has agreed to meet me in Memphis. While MomI and FMIL ride with me to Memphis to meet her. All I have to say is that BioMom better leave MomI alone and not cause any drama. MomI is a wonderful woman and damnit I got so happy I cried tears of joyous happiness when she told me she'd come. That made my day more than anything....

Well, maybe not ANYTHING... we got our rings. They're black titanium with diamonds. <3 them! I am so freakin happy.

MomI is done with most of the flowers. She's got my headpeice/veil done. We got the flower girls dresses and thier little pail/shovel. We got the bear for the ring girl to carry down the aisle with the rings around his next on a heart shaped "locket" pillow. It's going to be so cute.

*wait, i'm tearing up again*

so basically now all we gotta do is finish off the table settings (we're making our own silverware sets with seashells strung on twine to wrap around napkins and plasticware) and buy the table necessities. We need to purchase the groomsmen's attire and Joe's attire. I'm going to make a "tropical basket" for giftcards and cards to go into.

everything is coming together nicely. and i'm happy to be marrying my handsome fiance!