Saturday, August 21, 2010

2 weeks and counting

In 2 weeks we'll be headin down the highway in the middle of our move. I have 1 more week of work and then it's packing for a week...

Sadly I have to sell my washer and dryer, we're moving to an all electric place and our stuff is gas. We've also decided to sell our big screen tv... we're going to get a flat screen plasma for the living room after we've settled in.

we've packed up the spare room and now it's storage for more boxes that are packed... I'm really proud of the progress we're making.

I promise to catch up all blogs next week while i'm packing up the house.

Due to Yahoo/AT&T not having dsl service where we are moving i have decided to just take the plunge and my old email address will be deleted instead of keeping it active after the account is closed --i've had way too many issues since they close/reopened when we moved from the condo to the townhouse so i created a new one. if you have me on messenger you might want to send me a msg here and we'll get it coordinated so we exchange info and you're current :-)