Monday, June 21, 2010

With Age Comes Wisdom and Patience

We went to Wisconsin this past weekend. I looooved it!! We were able to go on a tour of Lambeau Field-I cried. Yes, I cried! We walked down the tunnel to the stadium floor, to the field itself the Frozen Tundra...and I got all weepy and wishy washy. It was amazing!! I could feel my inner Green Bay Packer walking with me hearing the roar of the crowd cheering us on as we raced onto the field...

I was able to score 2 hoodie jackets (so comfy), a christmas ornament of Brett Favre and a Packer Snuggy. Ofcourse I got a million pictures!! My handsome fiance Taranis took a TON of them for me so I could stay engaged in the tour.

Our hotel was a block from the Stadium!! LOVE!!

On the drive up to Green Bay (which was not our original final destination we were going to drive until dark and go from there but we figured out timing and it was perfection!!) we went to the Civil War Museum, a Natural History Museum and saw a real life Submarine!!

I would say that we had a fabulous weekend! And being with my Taranis made it all the better!

I didn't work out at all last week because of the food poisoning and working extra hours. I still maintained and didn't gain -don't ask I have no idea.

Since Akira is back (today was her first day) that means no more OT which sucks but it also forces me to a schedule again. I have to pick start of 7am or 8am and leave by 330pm or 430pm. 330 is too early. Since I've been getting up at 5 to be at work by 6 (sometimes 6 to be there by 7) and I can easily wake up at 6 (now that I've said that...) I'm going to jog for 45 mins and be at work by 8 and then get home a little after 5 and jog again for 45 mins and hopefully next week I can show some loss!!

Tomorrow is my yearly and I'll get to tell my doc about the fusion, etc and hopefully since I'm not on pain meds anymore we can discuss the future and us getting pregnant in about a year. I'm also going to ask (again) if I can get off these meds I am on for the issues. I hope that the weight loss and being healthier will help with all that too.

I have no idea why I said that as my title.. I still have no wisdom and I think I have even less patience!!