Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dirty Thirties

Today is a special day. Today is my 30th birthday. This special day is shared with another special lady so go say Hi to E and give her birthday love too!!

My twenties sure where roaring --roaring like a tornado! I leave behind the aftermath of those 10 years with a fond smile and chuckle in my heart. I think I've done a pretty good job at cleaning up my messes. Now I really want to get the comedy/trajedy tattoo on my back... hmmm, I wonder if Taranis will let me.

I'm looking forward to my dirty thirties - dirty baby bottles (fingers crossed!), dirty shoes from hiking, dirty sex and gettin down and dirty with my skinny ass when I walk down the aisle next year.

For my birthday this year we've kept it low-key. I didn't try to do a party like I have the past 2 years. Instead we stayed in tonight and pigged out on chinese.

Last saturday we went to the Linkin Park Zoo. And we ate at a local restaurant that gave me food poisoning... I also got a brandnew camera that is totally kick ass! If you're not already you should be my friend on facebook so you can see the awesome pics!!

This weekend we're going to Starved Rock where he proposed last year and go hiking.

We've done alot of traveling with the new car --tons of trips back n forth to Arkansas. And we're going back for the 4th of July too!!

I promise to write more and catch up on ya'lls blogs soon! for now i'm gonna take my stuffed ass and watch King of the Hill!