Tuesday, February 02, 2010

please just make it stop!

I have never felt this tired or this drained ever in my entire life. Not even when I worked 2 jobs at once!! Oy Vey...

Lets recap the past few years shall we?

July 2006 move to Chicago get a job at the firm Mon-Fri 7:30am-4:00pm and also get a job with the spa Fri 6pm - Midnight, Sat 3pm - Midnight, Sunday 2pm-10pm.

Do you see that schedule? I had energy! And was NOT falling asleep on the way to work unless it was a Friday and I'd been out Karaoking all night...

January 2008 get laid off from the Firm. Quit the spa. Find another job. Quit that job. Go back to the Spa. Start working double duty at the spa/resort in accounting and recreation.

Aug 2008 get transferred to accounting forever...

May 2009 Pic goes on Maternity leave.

Aug 2009 she doesn't come back. I have my surgery.

October 2009 I go back to accounting.

December 2009 they fire Homer. and I take on the world...ok maybe not the world but it sure as heck feels like it!

January 2010 Akira announces her pregnancy and goes on Maternity leave early due to complications... Savannah throws everything she was doing out of boredom back at me again to do payroll full time re: Akira is payroll and on leave... Taranis starts a new schedule at work where he has to be there an hour earlier than normal so we have to wake up earlier than normal.... which is now the new normal...

February 2010 --I beg for sleep. I do my makeup in the bathroom at work trying to kill an hour so I can clock in because my work wont let me change my schedule. I lay my head on the desk for 30-45 minutes and nap until I can clock in after doing my hair and makeup... (yea 15 mins my makeup is done)

I bust my ass to do 3 peoples' jobs with 1 person hours not allowed a second of over time. I-AM-EXHAUSTED...we do inventory for the whole resort which takes away hours for my job...... they're supose to be hiring someone to work WITH me (since in just another month our busy season starts back up and I don't want to do this alone anymore!!) by the 1st of March. March brings wedding season. And Golf season... And vacation guests with bratty kids. Transient Guests..Debit Card Holds...omigod.

And Savannah... Savannah lied to me. Mrs. "I'm not a micro manager because I know how much I hate that" is more than a micro manager she's an atomic particle manager...or something like that........she's mean. she's rude. she accuses instead of asking. she tells intead of inquires. instead of asking me (when she it not sure) if I know where a payment should be posted she'll post it to the wrong place and then tell me to fix it when i find it later.


Thursday I get my new dryer.