Saturday, January 30, 2010

definition of irony

Last Sunday while we were doing our laundry there was a loud "squeek squeek" coming from the laundry room. Wouldn't you know the motor was burning up and oh the smoke and smell was horrible!! Thank the gods for wet clothes as they would have been toast if they were any dryer... We spent the next hour hunting for an open laundromat. There was none. Defeated we come home to hang them out to dry in the bathroom.

Now, we have a few options... tell our landlord and have her or her daddy come over and inspect while noticing we have a few extra pets than we had agreed to have... plus some damage from Drake going senile that we need to fix when we move... Or buy new and never tell her. Seeing as how the last time I talked to her she wasn't thrilled when I told her the washer n dryer were acting up and was going on about how they were left by the prior tenants blahblah--we decided to buy a new set. The old set is in the garage. Thank the gods for garages! Not only are they useful to store your car but also store broken appliances!

Thus starting our washer and dryer buying adventure. Monday came and we browsed online. On Tuesday we decided that we would look at washers and dryers in person instead of online. I found my dream set but not after visiting a few places that were beginning to make us jaded. 40% off each making it nearly buy one get one free. Top loaded with agitator price but front loader. Wow. Sears just became my new bestfriend!

(left washer - right dryer) and don't you LOVE how the doors open opposit each other!!??

Wednesday we get home from work, we were to pick up our finds on Thursday so Taranis moved the old appliances out. While doing so he realized we made a mistake. The dryer we HAVE is gas and the one we bought was ELECTRIC. Oh SHIT. Thankfully it was only $66 to replace the one for the other but we have to wait until next week for our dryer. Damn. But oh well. Its all good!

So what is so ironic about this whole thing? I bought new undies for me and Taranis plus 4 new shirts and a skirt for work. I washed our new clothes and now they are hanging out to dry in the bathroom.... (We did our laundry first thing this morning at a LaundroMat and did our shopping afterwards)

I am very happy to have a new washer and dryer. After the 1st run through my clothes were nearly dry anyways! They will NOT take long to dry hanging or in a dryer. No more sopping wet clothes!

I have lots to tell about work but I'll leave that for another post.