Saturday, February 06, 2010

Lazy Bones

I have a confession... I've been lazy. Omigod have I been lazy. I don't know if I can blame work stress or sitting on my ass for 3 months... but our gym membership expired and we used it maybe once a week. I can't wait for it to get warmer and the sun go down later. We'll walk after work in the park on the way home.

Today I am using my new washer and dryer. The house smells so good!! I vaccuumed (until it broke-waiting on Taranis to get home to see if its the motor or a belt. a friend said it might just be the belt. Hope so!) At first I thought the smoke and fire smell was coming from the dryer --paranoid! I cleaned out the hamsters' cages with soap and water. All thats left is the kitchen and I think I might hold that off until tomorrow (minus the dishes they have to be done today).

Anyways, still stressed at work. Home life is great just bored and lazy. The Man is at work today. Booh! but he'll be home in about 3 hours so thats all good.