Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can stand it no more!

The snow and dreary and cold is killing me! I want Florida. I want Arkansas!!

I want a different job. Where is my perfect manager?? One that will just leave me be to do and trust that I will do my job and I do it greatly and efficiently... I thought Savannah was going to be the one but she's just a backstabbing biatch. (my gods I hope she doesn't read this!)

Aries found me on facebook... I said yes to his friend request. He hasn't said anything to me. I snooped around his profile. My dream has always been to sing. We were going to be a male/female group... He has his own band now... I'm jealous. I'm happy for him... But mostly jealous. What really ticks me off though is that he's friends with Ross now. I want to slap him stupid for that...

I want my Jack back. (no not the booze, my Venus). I miss her so damn much. We text each other every morning and every night "I LOVE YOU" and "I MISS YOU".

Kai is in heat again... Insane kitteh. She's a spazassz.

I think that Juggalo is trying to see if he can move in with us. He keeps calling and telling me how he's leaving California and he hates it there and might go back to Oklahoma or Arkansas he isn't sure where and wants to know how much longer I'm staying in Chicago...

Sometimes I wish I hadn't stopped smoking... but then again I am glad I have quit and anxiously waiting for Aug 1 because I'm gonna celebrate my 1 year of cigarette freedom!

I'm too freaking happy that Idol is back on tv! I <3 American Idol!! It's not the same without Paula. Not sure how I feel about Ellen replacing her and with it rumoured that Simon won't be back next year... yeesh!!

April is coming fast... Then we can start putting together our wedding invitations and save the dates. Soooooo excited!