Sunday, February 21, 2010

cursed saturday

So yesterday morning I wake up ay 7am. No biggy Taranis is at work so while I wait for him I decide to go ahead and start on one of my projects which is to burn all my cds to my computer since I don't have a cd player anymore and my attention span is like zero percent and I hate switching out 50 cds after the 1st few songs.... (don't worry I don't send them out over the web to pirate out its for my own personal enjoyment on my personal PC) in the middle of doing that (more like after the 5th cd) the door gets stuck...

and then Taranis calls and asks me if I withdrew money from his account... to which I promptly say no and call the bank and they're closed DUH its 7:30 am!! ugh.

2 hours later he's home and we find that the charge was made in Dulles International Airport in WASHINGTON FUCKING DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA aka our nations capitol to those who didn't know that... to rent a car from Budget rental... (who we'll never use again btw-we used them once to rent a car for our vacation last year to Arkansas and Florida...) I called the Location and they hung up on me while I was telling them the situation and I needed any information they had to take to the police. I think that someone there is shiesty.

So we tredge through the snow to go to the bank that is next to our works (gas is gonna suck this week) and cancel the debit card associated with the account and it hits us that they literally took everything we had in the account... but our bank is nice enough to put it back since we have automatic student loan payments coming out and that obviously we are not driving around DC and its suburbs since it happened on the 19th!!

so now i'm checking my chase account that all our bills are paid through every hour.................................. (we have 2 accounts Joe's for his WoW and student loans and ours...)

and we go grocery shopping... that was almost a disaster. We go to one of those huge stores that are retail and groceries in one and we're looking through the purses and I find my dream purse but some little whore's monster has wrote all over the soft and supple leather..... alas! Taranis finds another one of the same style and color and I am nice enough to give the ruined one to an employee who is as shocked and angered as I am...

we come home I start burning CDs again T takes a nap. After a marvelous dinner we chill some more and then decide to go shoot pool with his new stick I gave him for valentines day... which after 3 games broke. As broke clean broke I didn't hit it hard against the white ball....

so now I'm really angered. And I ordered it online. They better give me my fucking money back or guarantee a better replacement! assholes.