Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hashing It All Out...

Last weekend the handsome one had to work both Saturday and Sunday resulting in 16 hours of overtime that was not paid to him (he's salaried) but he got $100 that the General Manager gave him extra on his check... because he felt the handsome one deserved a little more... that's $6.25 an hour! Ok I shouldn't complain but if you're going to give an incentive for working 16 hours he wasn't paid for make it the normal hourly rate at the least!!

Which brings me to the issue I'm having right now: He had to go to work yesterday for an hour and now an hour ago he left for work again because people are stupid and incompetant.

At his place of employment they are doing some rearrainging and the one guy is no longer his boss (the one who hired him) but the "national logistics" manager is. The one who is trying to get him off Salaried and back to hourly... plus an increase per hour that he gets paid... pretty nice eh?

But is it worth it? More so is anything worth it?

Take our scenario... we don't want to live in Chicagoland anymore. I don't like the company I work for and he doesn't like his job situation anymore either so if we move somewhere else it'll get better right?? So what if he gets this raise and gets to keep all of his overtime? We would look like major douches to those people who are trying to help us. Whether its for thier own selfish needs or not... We still look like asshats.

Since he and I have been together we have completed 3 major purchases (they were bought on credit). Our couch, the TV for the living room and the entertainment center. We have the bedroom set and I got his laptop on credit as well only because this company reports to the credit bureas and it helps with keeping my credit better......... oh, lets not forget the washer and dryer. Its all paid for except $250 which is on credit with Sears. So by the time October rolls around I will have all of these paid off. I am almost done paying off one of my Drs and the other I just don't care because she's the bitch that said it was all in my head.

I have gained so much living up here and meeting my handsome fiance and falling in love with him! I purchased the Blazer plus all of the above! We have money in savings (its not alot but its there and more and more is added every week).

So I ask myself, do I really want to jeapordize all that I have accomplished and gained and give up a perfectly good jobs (altho the management can suck and so does the no raise thing for the past 2 years...) making decent money and being able to live nice and comfortably...

There is no guarantee if we move that we'd be able to find a job. There is no guarantee that if we stay we'd ever get happier in our current jobs. I want to buy a 2nd vehicle. If we move in October when all of the bills will be paid off I will have to push that dream away for a while longer. Its hard enough finding a job; its even harder when you have to share transportation.

Living up here causes its own fair share of issues that you all know about. #1 on my list is not being close to my family when the wedding draws nearer. I don't want to have to spend all the time and money driving or flying back and forth to Arkansas. I want to be RIGHT THERE able to spend my money on wedding stuff. But in the same instance I want to live in Florida in a coastal city closer to his mom-which for right now causes the same issue of money spent traveling.

And ofcourse his mom had to call yesterday and ask if we were spending anytime with family during the holidays this year. If we lived closer to one than the other it would be easier to see them. Living up here... it's hard to see them ever, forget about the holidays when work is being asses!!

My other issue with that is I spent months and months in pain and I had major surgery where NO ONE but BioMom (the last person I expected) came to see me or help me! I was alone in pain could hardly walk and no one even called me during the day to see how I was. I got calls every couple of weeks or texts or emails. How's that for motivation to make me want to move closer to them?!

I hope that as time moves forward and the deadlines get closer that I have some sort of clarity on what is going to happen and how we'll deal with everything... I don't like this feeling that I'm in the cyclone of a hurricane standing in calm winds just waiting for the hurricane to stop to deal with the aftermath and destruction when its too late...