Sunday, December 13, 2009

tis the season for handcramps

Yup, just finished writing out my envelops to send off holiday cards...I'm late getting them out this year because I've been waiting for people to send me thier info cuz thier asses moved and I haven't gotten it... SO I blasted out a post on FB something about if you didn't get a card its your own fault cuz when I asked you didn't give me your address....same goes for wedding invites.

My list for wedding invites seems longer than my list of holiday cards sent out...I need to revisit that list and make some edits I believe.

so BioMom asked me what I'd like if she got me something for christmas and I said I need new work clothes because I'm trying to get a promotion. And she asked where I shop and I said mostly WalMart but Kohls would be cool and so would Target and she sent me a giftcard to WalGreens. I know, I know, I should be thankful I get anything at all.

Anyways. I just find it ironic she asked me where and I said other stores and she sent me the one store I never shop at... NEVER shop at. Unless we're desperate to try and find something and have exhausted all other stores!!

Speaking of shopping......I've got errands to run. I'm either going to A-print off wallet sized pics of me and Joe at walgreens and send em with the cards to our families B- see if they have a giftcard to another store I can use this one to purchase or C- buy silly little presents to send to our siblings.