Wednesday, December 02, 2009

And Then There Was One

There is really 6 of us left but I'm the only one in my subdepartment.

Ladies and Gents: Homer is no longer with us. She was let go yesterday, her position eliminated.

Those words frighten me: Position Eliminated. I was hoping to advance in my company. To give me a reason to stay here in Chicago instead of move and start all over again in Arkansas. I am afraid that since the managerial position for A/R was eliminated then I won't have a chance to advance.

But that is all speculation. Who knows what next year will bring?

I spent most of the day trying to tie up Homer's loose ends. I am trying not to be openly "happy" about how things have turned out. But you know that when you work with someone and the relationship wasn't can't help but be relieved when they are gone.

PLUS, I knew it was her or me and that it took them a while to come to thier decision. I am really fucking happy they picked me to stay!!

I am sad and I feel for her being laid off before Christmas. But she gets severance pay and she never took a damn vacation so she has money coming to her, its not like she wont have anything. She also has unemployment to get as well since it was a position elimination and not a negative termination.

But that's all. The buzz around the office that's made me so insane the past month since I went back to work finally got settled yesterday. I get to keep my job. Someone else lost thiers. Its sad but relieving at the same time. If the shoe had been on the other foot: I lost my job, you'd be reading a post on how we're breaking our lease and moving to Arkansas...