Saturday, December 05, 2009

One Woman Army

OMG. This week was intense but it was all worth it when Monte said "I am proud of you, Blaez! Great work this week!" I was beaming with pride 100 miles long! No, make that 1,000!!!

So one of my duties in the aftermath is to go through my former boss's desk. And you would NOT believe the crap I have found. One was a cancellation that was never processed from 6 months ago. Another was a Direct Bill app that was never submitted to Monte to get approval or denial and sure enough, they were denied. They are to be here in late January!! We have to collect all monies up front...Yea, this should be fun!! And another was a poor guy who got charged a noshow on his room when he changed his reservation to a later date and she was supose to credit it and never did! Plus a million other things that she did wrong and was trying to coverup or things she was supose to do and just ignored it by throwing it into a box. YES-THREW IT INTO A FUCKING BOX AND IGNORED IT...

I don't feel bad for her being terminated anymore. Obviously the problems with Homer were beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I knew she was incompetant but not to that extent. What the fuck did she do all day?! I know first hand that it does not take all day to process to a new contract. So if she wasn't helping me with billing and she obviously wasn't doing the other things--what was she doing??? I don't think I want to know...

Tonight is Taranis' holiday function for work aka sit around the General Manager's house and talk and play pool with about 20 other people and thier wives/husbands.

My daddy and Taranis's mom both have asked to be my friend on facebook...I conceeded. My dad is making "fatherly" comments on everything (not that I have anything to hide) and FMIL hasn't said anything on facebook.

Jack went into labor yesterday. And Pebbles should be going into labor in about a month. I have to finish her baby's blanket soon. I havn't worked on it because I'm tired of crocheting after doing Taranis's blanket. lol

I need to think about this party tonight and what i'm gonna wear and stuff...Peace out!

ps, thank you all for the enouragement that something else promotion-wise might be around the corner at work. I SURE HOPE SO!