Friday, November 27, 2009

Turkey Day and re-found friends

I for once do not feel "overly" stuffed. I am not turkey day miserable.


We toned down our turkey day festivities this year to minimal basics: mashed tators, green beans (instead of the normal green bean caserole), candied yams, rolls, the turkey of course, devilish eggs, apple pie and "stuffing"...we should have put it in the bird. but we didn't.

Oh freakin well. We'll never buy that kind again. It was waaaaay over powering outside of the bird cooked by itself. I normally make a big huge dressing casserole with celery and chicken and onions and all kinds of good noms in it but opted out of that as well. We didnt do corn which is usually a staple and we didn't have mac n cheese either.

As normal we ended up devouring the devilish eggs looooooong before the turkey was done. We were salivating!!

we have ALOT of turkey left. instead of 14 meals like we did last year (i'm estimating cuz we have 7 rationed this year - we didn't take the bird and boil it this year for as much meat as possible just the legs and wings for my turkey noodle soup tomorrow) but still. its alot of bird for 2 people. i'm grateful to his work, but it was too much!!

so now that turkey is over i just had to put up the stockings and the tree for christmas/yule/winter holiday.

From the top: Red = Kai, Fish = decoration, Green = Drake
Middle: Green = Joe, Pink = Me
Bottom: the hamsters Nilla and Lo-Jack

i can't wait until tomorrow when we start to trim it. (yes, my door is open with it being freezing outside. the oven has been on all day and its a sweat lodge in here!)

gotta have sugar cookies too!! this is the first batch :-)

Everlight called me today. I've been trying to call him and get back in touch since Pebbles gave me his number when she ran into him at wallyworld. so I texted like a gazillion peeps (i might have accidentally included Joe's ex and mine--but they havn't said anything) with a cute pic of me and Joe together wishing everyone a warm and happy turkey day blah blah. And what do you know, not to long after that Everlight rings my phone!!! I miss him terribly. We use to be inseperable and if I needed someone or needed someone we were always there for each other 100,000% as best friends. Hephaestus started ruining that when he accused me and Everlight of having an affair before me and him married. But Everlight NEVER let H ruin our friendship. And for that I'm thankful that after 4 years of not seeing each other he and I can just pick up where we left off and we've not changed so much that we can't still be besties. He would be one of the driving forces that would lead me back to Arkansas. To have him in my life again as someone that I know i could count on and be in our lives. He's never did me wrong and vice versa. I miss my Everlight. I hope we don't lose touch again!! Him calling today has to be THE best thanksgiving wish come true yet!

How was your turkey day? Is your tree up yet?