Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trying my best to shine!

Doing everything I can to prove that I deserve to keep my job and be in a lead or supervisor capacity. I get asked a question and 90% of the time I know the answer. the 10% I don't know is things that Homer kept close to her chest that NO ONE knew about. How's that for being ontop of my game?!

I felt more productive today. I hope this feeling lasts. I have to accomplish 200% by Monday morning at 8am.  That's when Homer will be back. And I have to do it without over time and leave early on Friday to eliminate what over time I do have....... wtf?! What happened to "you just do what you're doing and don't worry about it"...

I can do this...I can do this!

Ps, do you gals/guys go back and read posts you commented on? Sometimes I'm very bad about following up on comments and I want you all to know I love and appreciate your feed back. Let me know if you think I should be more active in responding and if you do, then I will do my 100% best to to do so!