Monday, November 09, 2009

feels like i'm ramming a brick wall...

Don't get me wrong here, I love my job. I enjoy doing what I do, especially when I get emails from our clients like I got today... Nothing but greatness! And loving me so very much!

But there are some groups. That are just brick walls. I love the money they bring it, literally HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars... But I hate thier guest rooms and I hate thier crap. Its always something and I get thrown a big brick wall and have to ask a question to our Conference Planner before I can continue on and so I'm jumping back n forth and I hate jumping between groups!

This group I've had my fingers in since Thursday and took up a majority of my time on Friday and Today.

After my unproductive Friday I was hoping to go into today with guns blazing and kick ass... Until I got in there and went to finish off the above group. Which took all my morning. And everyone was so damn needy!

Tuesday's gotta be better! Atleast the above Brick Wall is done...and approved... and trust me, I hate copying 3 reems of paper worth of billing for 1 group! Its going to be the LAST thing I do tomorrow! I have waaaaaaaaaay too many other things I NEED to get done!