Friday, November 13, 2009

the bulging bride

I really hate myself sometimes..... not really MYSELF but my body self.

I have a major addiction to caffeine, soda, sweeeet tea, PASTA, bread!! *GIVEMECARBS!!GRRRRRR* and a BAD habit of NOT eating breakfast, be ravashing at lunch and OVEREAT like a MOFO during said lunch......

To help combat this Taranis and I bought mini muffins and granola bars to eat for breakfast on the way to work and its helped. I even have a few stashed in my desk for when I get a craving. Its helped control my appetite during lunch so I'm not over eating like before.

But then it started getting dark at 4:30. That meant no more walking afterwork. Daylight savings time my ass more like Daylight waisting time! I don't care if its dark when I wake up in the morning. I'd rather have that extra hour of light AFTER work to excersize.

So instead of walking we go out to eat dinner and while I try to think healthy, there really is nothing healthy about I-Hop's cheesecake pancakes or Taco Bell (unless you go fresco and it loooks just WRONG)... Jimmy John's and Subway is healthy but I think I'd rather go to Subway. Seems you get more for your money (HELLO! $5 foot long anyone?!) No, I don't eat a whole footlong, we split it. Altho, I we are gonna start buying a foot long for each of us and then take our other half to work for lunch.

Ofcourse us eating right after work means we get hungry late in the evening and end up snacking on something....which means one or both of us bakes. cookies pies muffins.......all noms all bad all make me sad.

My weekly lunches consist(ed) of meals provided at work:
Monday: Salad & Mashed Potatoes (its fried chicken and corn day and i don't eat thier fried chicken wings)
Tuesday: Hot Dog & Hamburger Day...I heat 2 hotdogs (no bun) and a salad. yes, with FRIES!!!
Wednesday: Spaghetti day. You guessed it, with garlic bread. And a salad. This has to be my worse day!
Thursday: MeatLoaf and baked potato day. I don't eat the meat loaf. Salad, add corn with a side of baked tators.
Friday: white rice, sweet & sour chicken, salad and steamed veggies.

Saturday and Sunday we usually have pancakes or sausage gravy & biscuits or eggs, bacon and toast... I make a variety of meals for dinner ranging from Chili to Corndogs or whatever we want. Pulled BBQ pork is a favorite.

Yes ladies and gents we have an unhealthy diet.

But, we have a new plan. And the idea of this plan is that if I tell YOU about it then it'll help ME stick with it!! We're getting a gym membership tomorrow (makes me cringe, let me just make that clear) because obviuosly the Illinois Chicago weather is NOT going to cooperate plus the darkness falling so soon. I'm going to keep a spread sheet of what I eat and do. then on Mondays send it to K who is doing the same thing and we're gonna be each others' buddies. It'd be nice if we lived closer. I'd love to workout with her and motivate each other in person!!!

And I guess if you've made it this far then you should know what is causing this...... I went to put on my "winter" work clothes to take pictures to send to Savannah to see if they were "manager" appropriate...they don't fit. And my blazer doesn't fit anymore either. Oh the HORROR of it all. And you'll get the full scoop as to WHY i'm having to get a more "professional" outfit at another time......lets not jinx anything, ok!?

I think my daddy cursed me. When I lost all that weight 4 years ago after Hephaestus and I split up he said "now don't go off and find yourself a man and gain it all back"........and what happened? not too long after that (about 2 months) I move to Illinois, quit smoking, reinjure and old injury and gain back almost everything that I had lost... THANKS DAD! I really appreciate it!

I have 17 months to get ready for my wedding. I have 17 months to look like a bombshell instead of bombSHELTER. (c'mon laugh with me)... 17 months. Wait, I have less than that! I have to buy my dress in a year!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

FUCK I have to be at my goal weight in 1 year for fittings and then MAINTAIN it until April of 2011 ?!

If K can help me pull this off her ass is going to be a bridesmaid with CandidBeauty!! (i hope you're reading this, K!) Good Luck, Taranis! Looks like you'll have to find ANOTHER groomsman!!! hahahaha