Tuesday, November 03, 2009

she don't eat meat but she sure like da bone...

Not me. I loooove the meat. But don't like the bone.

Did you know that after over 2 years of us together and 3 years of us knowing each other my fiance does not know that I don't like the bone? He never noticed that when we went to KFC or somewhere I never got a boned chicken. And he never thought twice that I never ate boned porkchops cuz I would say "I'm just not that hungry today" or "porkchops sounded good but now I just don't think I want one".... And I refused to buy boned meats but sometimes we have in the past but I just wont eat it.

Until today.

We went to Popeyes because we got a coupon. And all I was seeing was "boned" items on that coupon... And I was trying to hint around to get seperate meals instead of the 6 peice family meal...I had my eye on some chicken poppers... Anyhoot. I tried to be all nonchalant about not eating any chicken. I nomed on my mac n cheese and nibbled on my biscuit hoping that he'd not notice.......

And then he said it "aren't you going to eat some chicken"...........I was busted. I said "I don't like the bone".... and he says "you don't like the bone?" and I says "haven't you noticed I never eat meat with bones?" I didn't pay enough attention to that coupon, there was a 5 peice chicken tender option *doh!*

And there you have it ladies and gents......we've been engaged nearly 6 months and together for over 2 years and he never knew I didn't like the bone.

Proves that you can always learn something new about the one you love.