Tuesday, November 17, 2009

time for a makeover

Savannah told me I needed to up my game. Meaning I needed to "throw out" my beloved camo jacket and buy a "professional" looking coat. Along with a new blazer, etc...I'm sure that you can figure out WHY she said it...I'm keeping it all to myself until its said and done!

My new wool trench coat is a huge hit! Everyone loves it!! WOOHOO step 1 down.

Next: makeup. I do not wear makeup. If I do its for a party or when going out to a club or bar. I do not see WHY or HOW we came about of having to wear makeup at work!! But whatever. I've heard it a million times: Professional Woman = Woman who wears makeup. So I'm caving. I went through my makeup case this weekend. I had to throw out my mascara but today we bought new. And I wasn't too keen on using my old brushes and applicators so I went and bought new on them as well. They've been sitting in that case for gods know how long!! lol no, not really that long but I felt I should get new.

In the morning I'm going to start wearing makeup again. Ugh. No longer can i just go to bed. I'll have to wash my face first. Such a hassle!

I also did my nails on sunday. they are awesome if i do say so myself.

We've done good on the diet so far. This week we're going to go join that gym. I hate spending money!!