Friday, October 02, 2009

I've been doing some decorating!

Inspired by the gloomy horror movie weather Taranis brought in the Halloween storage box and I set out to start decorating! It also helped that we went to Halloween Town and saw a rotating head zombie baby!!! I was gonna take a picture of it but the people were eyeing us... needless to say I'd just gotten out of the shower, hadn't brushed my hair yet and was wearing my pajamas it was cold outside and i had on my biker jacket and lol my sandals! I didn't expect us to stop in at a store on our way to Taco Bell. That was a spurr of the moment choice because the meat had ruined in the freezer *ugh*... so dinner that I was gonna cook was halted and nothing else to eat!

So anyhoots! we saw ALOT of stuff that I can only imagine buying... I know that year after year I'll get a little more and a little more!! This year we're gonna buy some spooky fake tombstones! We're gonna set it up in front of the sliding glass doors. I can't wait! Its gonna be so awesome. I just have to hold off until next paycheck. UGH 2 weeks!! Kill me now while I roll around and die in suspense!!

If you follow this link it should take you to the public official Halloween 2009 folder. Its facebook. But it says if I give you this link you should be able to see the pics... You should request to be my friend if you havn't already!!

There is a house we noticed last year on the way/to work that goes ALL OUT with Halloween and Christmas... And while we can't put christmas lights outside they never said we can't inside (association rules) so we'll put em around the windows inside the house. And maybe if we can find somestuff to put in "our yard" (aka infront of the sliding glass doors) we can have a winter wonderland aswell... Listen to me! already planning out christmas in my head! And I just started on Halloween!!!

OH... we can't wait to have babies and share all of this with them as they learn and grow!!! Trick or Treating and costume shopping and decorating!! Its gonna be AWESOME! We're gonna be amazing parents!! (eventually)