Monday, October 05, 2009

i love looking at my ring!

i want to go back to the "scene of the crime" this fall and see the pretty changing colors at starved rock where he proposed to me.

we had an uneventful weekend. we wanted to kill people in the grocery store on saturday. it seemed to be the day for rude assholes. we finally got him a nice coat/jacket and gloves for the comming winter.

friday night we went out for endless pasta at olive garden. omigod. it was worth it!

yesterday... well, i watched married with children all day. yup. all freakin day my ass sat on the couch and watched one of my fave shows of all time.

Kai is in heat again and driving us nuts.

Savannah says she can't wait for me to come back to work. She says that Addison and Akira are doing my job and feel the pain I felt regarding Homer. She appologized for not calling/texting like she use to but her man's family was in for vacation... Oh well its all good. If it wasn't for guaranteed insurance that I wouldn't have to wait for a waiting period I'd probably be very active in looking for another job. And FYI: Pic is no longer in the picture. She's GONE. I don't want to do it all by myself! And I'll never get a fuckin day off if it is just me and Homer. Homer wont let me, I guarantee you! She didn't want me to have a day off for my medical procedures when I was getting injections and that was WITH Pic there as well!!!

Not that I'd want to play the fighting game with another insurance company. I still havn't gotten everything I need for my appeal. I have 180 days to submit it. So I can spare a few more but damnit if I don't get some shit by the end of the week I am going to start being irritated. LOL like I'm not already...

ok well my washer smells "hot"... so, I gotta call my man... i really really don't want my landlord or her father out here at my house *grrrrrr*