Monday, October 19, 2009

its a girl! no, its a boy!

all I have to say is that I'm glad I found out BEFORE I bought the yarn to make my "nieces" baby blankie...that my niece is not a girl but a boy....confused? we are too!!!

Pebbles had an ultra sound around her thought to be 5 month mark (she's 6 1/2 to 7-ish now, due early January) and the technician said "its a girl" so our Parents and everyone has been buying a TON of girl stuff......they also had issues with the baby's weight and size they said was due to gestational diabetes... hmmm

the deal is, when she first got preggers she figured her due date to be in december, she announced her pregnancy in May when Raquel graduated from College... THEN (after announcing it) she went to the "free clinic" so she could get on WIC and get free prenatal care because they didn't have insurance from his work... (yea, i know... not smart!!) he got smart and got them on insurance and they continued to go to the free clinic until it kicked in (always a waiting period...) the free clinic agreed with her at first that she was due in december, middle of december, and scheduled an ultrasound. 2 months later they say she's having a girl... and due in mid january... a whole month later!

so if you're confused you're not alone because I'm confused too!!

thier insurance finally kicked in and they went to the private practice doc who said that they thought her due date was late december... and wanted to do an ultrasound. which was today. which determined her due in early january and having a boy instead of a girl.

i have no idea what's going on or what happened...I'm just as confused as everyone else... but I guess maybe I can sneak in a Camo baby blankie since its a boy.... *I* think that she's gonna go into labor and she's gonna have twins a boy and a girl and one of em is going to be a month older than the other... she was just recently off the pill and her body hadn't had the chance to regulate itself properly when she got pregnated... its happened before!!!

so that was the hilariously great news today. i'm gonna have a nephew instead of a niece... they had her name, i mean HIS name, picked out and everything and it took them months to do it...I hope they can decide on one before HE comes to term!!!

(ps, I started the Yellow last night shortly before we went to bed...I will have this project done by christmas!! i will!!!)