Thursday, October 08, 2009

I did it...Its wrote...

It only took me hour or so. But the appeal letter to the insurance company is written. I have submitted it to a few friends who would know about submitting appeals to get thier opinion on it and then in the morning we will file it officially with all the paperwork and Dr. letters.

please everyone send your thoughts to "Blaez's insurance company" saying: APPROVE APPROVE APPROVE APPROVE.......maybe it'll do some good!

I guess now I'm gonna go shower and maybe do something else productive...maybe I'll dust and clean the kitchen. i feel SO good today :-)

oh! guess what?! I've lost 10 lbs. YUP! Its been a hard struggle. I fought hard for these 10lbs in the past month. I know that 10lbs in 1 month is not the best results in the world but hey, mofos, I did it!!

Atfirst we were walking for just therapy and I was doing quarter of a mile, then half a mile and then a full mile! but I was sooo slow. And then I noticed I was walking faster and stopped GAINING and was MAINTAINING.... oh boy! You know how great that is?! it's awesome.... this past week I'd say we've averaged between 1-1/2 to 2 miles. And its no longer the slow dragging my ass down the street walking anymore its a nice swift pace and my gods I feel so great! I really do.

And you wanna know what else? I am so happy. I don't hurt anymore. Everyday I wake up and I think I can feel more and more of my leg sensation coming back. And my toes will tingle and I know they're starting to wake up!! I can't feel them 100% but boy its better everyday!! I don't have to wear that stupid brace anymore all day long now just whenever I'd standing and walking.

The next step is to start doing crunches. But I don't know if i'm ready for that yet...altho I know the doc wanted me doing them before I go back to see him. Its just so hard getting up from a laying position because of the fusion and the muscles are "out of whack". i know he said the crunches would help with the strength training and getting them back into shape on the back muscles and stomach muscles so i could move around better horizontally and not feeling like i'm gonna fall over when i walk without the brace!!

i never thought i'd be saying this... but guess who's 90% pain free! ME..ha! and i can't believe i'm saying this either: but man i can't wait to go back to work and be able to function without my head full of pain medicine!