Friday, September 11, 2009

its a rollercoaster

and i'm on it!!

1st I'd like to express my unhappiness with the US Open being aired today and leaving me without "The Young & The Restless" and "The Bold & The Beautiful". However, I am pleased that on "These Are The Days of Our Lives" *ahem cough* Bo beat the shit out of the kidnapper *woohoo* and he is now in custody, yea!! You see here: something is happening to me... I am watching soaps again... And now they have the soap channel... which means instead of "having nothing to watch" lol I can watch them after work (when i go back to that hell)... Yeap. I just want "Passions" back and I'll be a happy happy girl!!

2nd I guess I should be shitting showering and shaving (oh, can't shave... can't bend... its like a fucking forrest on my legs... maybe I'll use the man's electric razer and hold on to the kitchen chair... all I gotta do is get the handvac and vaccuum up my mess off the chair and floor...) to get ready for the movies tonight. We're going to go and see the movie "9" by Tim Burton. Seems very very interesting!

3rd we're picking up BioMom after that. And if you're not following me on Twitter &/or Facebook why the fucknot? You should be because I promise you I'll be tweeting &/or facebooking about what's going on... And you're not gonna wanna miss those play by plays!

4th is the Dr visit on Monday. 2 Dr visits on Monday. 1st is my regular dr for what she calls the "extreme checkup" and she's the reason why I had to call a million people to find out when I fucking had chicken pox and no one knew but MomJ. And ofcourse another post surgery checkup. And I can tell him about the extreme extra numbiness I felt this morning... WHAT?! You're just now finding out about that?? Well, you should be following my tweets and facebook then huh?? The numbness seems to be subsiding to the normal numbness that I was experiencing... so I am still at a loss.

(facebook i normally do serious status updates... twitter i normally yell at the soap operas and post stupid stuff, i promise it wont be the same stuff on both places)

5th... is there a fifth? Not really, enjoy your weekends. I wont be blogging until Monday between Dr. Appointments.

Until then: see ya!

ps, my blog got a facelift so you might wanna check out my pages and tell me what you think of the re-arraingments.