Sunday, September 06, 2009

I'll Take "Things That Are Broken" for $1,000 Please, Alex!

it all started lastnight when I was shaving Taranis' head. midshave the shaver stopped working! omigod it was so funny i laughed myself into a muscle spasm it was soooo hilarious! i thought we were going to have to either A: go to a hair cuttery place and have them finish it off (what a hilarious adventure that would have been) or B: go to the wally world and buy a new one.... leave to the genius to have me use his beard/mustache trimmer to finish it off which means i had to redo his whole head because it shaves closer...

i'm sure its not as hilarious to you as it was to me but the thought of him going to a barbershop to get his hair finished just cracks me the fuck up!!! can you see it?? 1/2 way shaved half is head is bald and the other has hair and he walks in and takes his hat off and says "can you finish this" lol omigod i'm laughing so hard inside right now!!

we went to the Woodfield Mall today to do our bridal registry at Sears. they had 1 scanner and it didn't work!! after, oh 30-45 minutes of hell we decided to go to the Stratford Square Mall that's also got a K-Mart near it. Our goal today was Sears and K-Mart... We like the SSM better than WFM.

While at K-Mart we're walking around and notice they have Halloween stuff out. Ok, no problemo! And we're looking at it and we hear Christmas music... WTF! They have a WHOLE huge section of Christmas out already.... I can't believe it. Its not even nearly close to Thanksgiving yet and here they have Christmas out!

This just proves my point and every year they break this crap out earlier and earlier. Next thing we know they'll just sell Christmas crap year round! However, I do admit, I can't wait until it is the month of December so we can buy a few ornaments and go to the Kringle Market downtown again! That was a blast!!!

Does anyone even buy Christmas decor this early???