Sunday, August 02, 2009

our wedding has changed alot since conception!

when Taranis and I first started talking about our wedding we just wanted a simple affair with family and friends on the lake. some good food and some simple flowers... we didn't have a theme and we didn't really want a theme. but i wanted to bring in little accents of Florida into the decor to represent where we will eventually end up living...

little accents has turned out to be: sand down the aisle instead of a cloth runner, center peices made with sea shells-sand-candles and flowers, silver dollars and starfish, a couple lying on the beach for our topper, large white chocolate sea shells instead of flowers on the cake, mini shells stringed with twine to wrap up silverware in napkins, a flowey light bridal gown and bridesmaids gowns in lieu of the victorian one i was considering... and alot more!!

our "non theme" wedding has turned out to be a fullblown Florida coast tropical with sand and barefeet! We would have loved nothing more than to get married on the beaches in Florida but since we can't do that AND have our family and friends I guess this means we are bringing the florida beaches to the arkansas lakes on the mountain!

We can thank MomI for this. She's taking my wanting to represent Florida in our lives and how much we love it there to making our wedding a Florida mini vaca. Its going to be so wonderful!! And I can't wait to see the men in rolled up pants and barefoot with flowy shirts as well! This is going to be so great! --i wonder if i can get them to wear matching "hawaian" shirts...hmmmmmmmm