Saturday, August 01, 2009

all i gotta do now is wait...

we woke up early this morning and went grocery shopping, we now have enough food for 2 weeks. by then i should hopefully be able to go with Taranis. I also made all arraingements for him to be able to do my prescriptions on my behalf in case i am incapable.

then we went by the place we're buying our furniture from and they are cutting our payments in half for this month and next to help us out. that is so awesome of them!

after that we hit up mcd's and ate breakfast before going to the hospital for my pre-register and blood work. i also had to have an ekg. they do that now to test what you are at normally because they'll have me on the machine when i'm in surgery.

i have to be at the hospital by 10am on tuesday and then she said they'll start presurgery stuff and get me iv'd up and settled in. then my surgery should start about noon. if there are any changes i'll know by 7pm monday night. i will have a private room as well which should make it easier for Taranis or someone else to be able to stay the night with me.

i'm not as nervous as i was but i am still kind of nervous. i want to thank everyone so much for all your support! i'm going to do my best to blog at the hospital on my cellphone and ofcourse you can follow me on twitter as well for more often updates.

yesterday was my last day at work for a while. i was so happy to leave! Homer was nice and gave me flowers but she really grates on my nerves and i deserve a long needed break from her!

i've never done this before but i filled out advance directives today in case of an emergency and a living will. i do not know why i felt the need to but i did. i hope that its not some sign of a future to come... but i guess its always better to have it and they will know what you want them not to do or something like that... i guess i never worried about it because Hephaestus and I were married while Taranis and I have not yet said "I do" in a legal capacity and its not like my parents can make a truly informed decision if thier in Arkansas.

Speaking of saying I Do. I spoke with MomI yesterday and she said the ONLY thing I am to worry paying for is my dress, invitations and wedding party stuff (dresses, etc) that they will take care of the food, location, flowers, etc. They must REALLY like Taranis! Seriously!! I am very truly blessed. And I would give up my dream wedding to have them here with me tuesday but they can not make it. And it doesn't look like FMIL will be able to make it either...

i'm going to go finish laundry and get all my packing done for my stay in the hospital. that way all i have to do is just relax.