Thursday, August 20, 2009

Need Touristy Chicago Help...

If you've been following my tweets or FB, you'll know that BioMom is coming for a visit in September. She's arriving the 11th late in the evening and departing the 13th late in the evening.

I think we may have it covered and we might end up going to a Schaumburg Flyers game if they make the playoffs and they are playing that weekend... preferably on Saturday... However since there is no guarantee that they'll make the playoffs i need an alternative!!

It's been over 6 years since BioMom and I have seen each other. It was when Hephaestus and I were driving from where we lived in Virginia to move back to Arkansas. Nashville was on the way so we stopped for the night and stayed with them and ended up spending the night and half a day with them. I felt bad just crashing there... and we thought about spending more than just the one day with her, but then her husband cracked open a beer at 9am for his breakfast and we couldn't have gotten out of there faster if our asses were on fire... He and I do not get along when he is drinking, he is an alchoholic abusive person. and I will not purposefully put myself in that situation.

OK! Back to ideas... There is a MiniGolf place near our house that Taranis and I have been meaning to check out. I guess MiniGolf would be fun and I should be more fully healed by then, its over 3 weeks...

The other idea I had was going to the Navy Pier. I've not been there since I went with Crystal in 2003. But that is alot of walking and from what I can tell on thier website: EXPENSIVE!

There is also the Lincoln Park Zoo which is FREE (thank god) and there are benches we can rest and sit on. We've been wanting to go back to the Zoo and we liked the Lincoln Park Zoo much better than Brookfield Zoo (which is way too expensive anyways).

I am trying to think of things that are going to get us out of the house and be interactive. We've not had the best relationship and I fear us being cooped in the house together would bring on bad conversation. As those of you who have followed me through the years know very very well she and I do not get along well most of the time.

As far as I know this is also the 1st time she's been to Chicagoland. And I'd hate for her 1st visit to be a complete bummer and she not be able to experience any of the culture and beautiful architecture. I'd like for her to be able to say she did SOMETHING besides sit in her Daughter's house and play with the hamsters and cats all day...