Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quick Update: Visit to the Surgeon

Hi Everyone!

I'm just so excited about my visit today I wanted tell you all!

As you could guess I just got home from the surgeon's checkup a little while ago. I still have to wear the brace and be home confined for at least 4 more weeks doing in-home physical therapy with short trips weekly to the grocery store, pharmacy, etc. He said he was impressed at how well I'm doing and to keep up the great job! Said that I'm full of awesomeness!!

He also took out the external stitches and I don't need to wear a bandage anymore, the incision is almost all healed up!!!

I'm doing small things to help me adjust back into sitting at a computer all day. Twisting, bending or sitting at a computer longer than an hour in a 4 hour period is still not an option.

I got copies of the x-rays of my surgery and he took more today and said I am mending perfectly! I am also completely walking without my walker now! It feels great!!

I'm gonna go veg on the couch now! Thank you all for all your awesome comments and get well soon wishes, they are helping!!!!

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