Friday, August 14, 2009

making progress!!

Lets see, where to start??

Joe having to do everything for me in the shower:
last night I showered myself! the only thing he had to do was sit with me because even on the shower chair i can get off balance. also, he had to wash me down under and my legs because i can't get that area good enough because of a lack of being able to bend.

unable to assist with dinner:
tuesday night we had hotdogs and mac n cheese YUMMY! since I want to help create dinner when possible Joe setup water in the pots before he went to work so all i had to do was toss in the mac to boil and the hotdogs. when he got home he dumped the mac, added the cheese sauce and we had dinner courtesy of me!!

on wednesday it was ME to put the frozen dinners in the microwave while he did the money budget for the coming week.

last night with pre-measured (prepared the night before) ingrediants thanks to my man I made Tuna casserole on the stove (i can't put stuff into the oven). i almost over boiled it but it still turned out great!! yay for me!!

unable to help with clean up:
its hard for me to stand by myself without assistance. i have to hold on to something to help me keep my balance. well, this morning i was able to put the dishes in the dishwasher (one hand clutching the walker while the other dropped things into the machine *scary, yes...*) i successfully cleaned the kitchen and had enough energy left over to wash the pot from the tuna casserole!!

unable to walk or stand for long periods of time:
wednesday (?) we went for a trial run to the grocery story to pick up a few miscellaneous items, while we were only there for about 20 minutes i was still very tired and achy afterwards. we've given myself a few days to "rest" and i walk around the house alot...

today starts my walking therapy!! we will walk down the cul de sac and back when Joe gets home from work. We hope to make this a daily routine!! and we hope this will help increase my balance and i wont have to rely on the walker for much longer.

this coming wednesday i have a checkup with the surgeon... this will also determine a little better when i start physical therapy and when i can go back to work.

to be completely honest with you all, i am freakin horny!! and i know its because i'm an "invalid cripple" right now that he washes me and dries me and he brushes my hair but these are things that turn me on and i sooooooooooooo can't wait to hear the words "you're fully fused you may commence in having sex"...... i'm dying from a lack of cuddles and kisses and touches....